Everyone cannot become a doctor

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Doctors and other medical personnels are very useful to us, when we are sick, had challenges in our health or an emergency occur, they are always there to render their services to humanity.
We all know their importance, they are mostly called lives savers, although all tributes given to God because they believe God is the one that heals, theirs is to treat or take care of humans. Therefore, them being essential in our society can not be over emphazied.
Everyone cannot be a doctor or be in the medical field, hence other professions and fields aside medical are very important as well.
In a situation whereby parents and guardians have to force their children to become a medical doctor making it sounds as if other professions are not useful. If all folks are doctors who will be in the banking sector, education,entertainment industry, legal field and other professions etc, to mention but a few of them.
Medicals can not do it all, other sectors have to be involved to make this world a beautiful and conducive place to live, so all professions are very important and must work hand in hand.
Every child has potentials, talents and something unique or special, instead of forcing them into what they do not want to do, encouraging them to the actualization of their dreams is the best thing to do. Although becoming a medical doctor is not only the field parents force their wards to become, same thing apply to other professions, it's just that in this part of the world, being a medical doctor is more imposed on children than other professions.
In a nutshell, irrespective of the profession, parents should not impose or force their ways on them, every child is special and all professions are important as others, so we should not prioritize one for the other.

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