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Good evening steemians.


Today is the last day of the month, last sunday of the month and lastly my younger brother's birthday.

Let me celebrate my brother the second son of our family. His name is Sorochi Junior Kyrian.

EYou shall be meeting him in one of my diaries. His picture couldn't upload. So sorry

h diary!

I woke by 5:00am had my devotion and start preparing for the service. Our church starts by 8:00am but workers( which I am) are expected to be in church before 7:30am.

So diary today was awesome in His presence. The praise and worship session was so mind blowing that that manifest presence of God was felt.

During the choir ministration, we ministered one of Mercy Chinwo's songs titled "oh Jesus". Yes i said we ministered because am part of the choir members in fact am the choir director in our chapter.

After the choir ministration. The word of God came from my Pastor, Pastor Peter.

Topic: The parable of Mercy

Text: Exodus 34:6, psalm 145:8-9, lamentations 3:20-23, Matthew 5:7, 25: 31-46, proverbs 3:3-4, 11:17 and Luke 10:25


From the sermon, I got this revelation of how the mercy of God speaks for us as believers.
He spoke to us of the role of Gods mercy in our lives how the mercy oveerules our faults.
He said likewise the mercy of God should also be practiced by us(Mattew 5:7). He told us we should be careful of whom we don't believe in. Those we look down on.
After the service, workers meeting was held and pastor obliged us as workers to start paying up for one of our national meeting coming up 29 March to 2nd April called Overcomers Conference. After the meeting, I went home. You know what the son of man has to eat lunch.

Dear Diary, i started preparing for rice and stew

First i cooked white rice and started making the things i need to prepare stew ready

IMG_20210228_144349.jpg sliced carrot and green bean for the white rice


IMG_20210228_144447.jpg These are the sliced onion, green pepper,onions and grinded tomatoes ready for stew.

After the white rice was done, i fried my plantain, chicken and finally prepared the stew


You can visit my steem foods @jennykel56 to read through how i prepared this meal.

I couldn't eat immediately after preparation because i have a discussion class by 3:00 pm though i left at 4:00pm. After the discussion class came rushed back home by 6:30pm to finally e dinner.




Thank you for reading through
Best regards
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Reading your diary is quite interesting.
Oh and its lovely to know that you're a Chorister.
I'm in the choir too.😊

02.03.2021 21:25

Is nice to meet you @ebunoluwani

04.03.2021 05:36

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04.03.2021 07:10

Thanks steemalive. Will keep been active.Gracia

04.03.2021 07:39

Thanks steemalive. Will keep been active.Gracia

07.03.2021 23:46