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the last days reading and informing me about steemit I gave the Steem Bot Tracker, at first glance it seems a service offered by steem, so I tried it. I do not understand the views of the community formed on the discord Steem Flag Rewards . Conclusion can anyone say who is wrong Steem becouse offer these applications/Bot or those who use them?

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@roleerob go to read other people post !!! just ignore me for the moment ,you and your downvoters community

02.12.2019 08:33

hope you have no problem with the gif ,complain to steemit thei hosted

02.12.2019 08:38

I’m sure @jennyferandtony

”… hope you have no problem with the gif …”

… you are genuinely hopeful. What a joker …

I do not know you, nor do I care to know you. What I have done is not personal. You have ”wisely” chosen to not continue buying votes for yourself, which takes value away from others on the Steem blockchain.

So … While it is very tempting to continue to downvote you into oblivion, I will not do that, since you have modified your behavior. At least for the moment …

If you choose to work toward building a following and have them upvote your input to the Steem blockchain as “good content,” then you have nothing further to be concerned about from me.

P.S. As far as what the @steemflagrewards community chooses to do with you, that is an entirely separate matter …


02.12.2019 18:03


02.12.2019 19:10

Hi @roleerob

I'm glad to see that you're still around buddy :)

03.12.2019 12:01

@roleerob what do you say about this : "Hello Friend , Promote your new post with big-whale . Your post will be more popular and you will find new friends . big-whale provide "Resteem upvote and promo " services . Resteem to more then 18,000+ Followers , Min 135+ Upvote from different accounts , big-whale Upvote with 100% power . Send 1 SBD or 2.5 STEEM to @big-whale ( URL as memo ) Service active.(send 30 SBD for monthly subscription)" is ok if i try this one or are the same as the vote bot ?

04.12.2019 11:34

Is this a real question @jennyferandtony? You send them STEEM or SBD and they provide you an upvote … What does that sound like to you?


04.12.2019 13:50

The same as the upvote boot :),i understand if pay for someting are rong

04.12.2019 16:25