#36 Daddy daugther roleplay taboo

Daddy daugther roleplay taboo , we decide to play a litle and the girl propose to becoum me litle stepdaugters,suck me cock togader and fuck

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If you are wondering why you cannot post, vote, or comment then its because you haven't enough Resource Credits. See: https://steemblockexplorer.com/@jennyferandtony
I see you have 15 steem powered up, that may regenerate some resource credits over time. You will need to buy some steem and power it up, or if after the 7 day curation period, powerdown some Vitp and sell it on
for steem.

Regardless.. please read this post:

YOU MUST INCLUDE A 'NSFW' TAG otherwise All of steem can see the adult content u upload which is VERY BAD!!
As per the post linked USE TAGS nsfw and vit only.
If you need any assistance please ASK on discord or telegram before posting again.

30.10.2019 20:45

i add the nsfw tag on all post thx :) , i am allow to post me pornhub video?

30.10.2019 21:34

If you have another source from where you store your videos the yes..
Please put in a link to your touchit.social profile though please such as.
'you can find my other material on https://touchit.social/@jennyferandtony " for example
Hence adverising Vit too :)

31.10.2019 14:13

where is this post? i do not see it on the vit tribe, did u add the nsfw and vit tags?

31.10.2019 23:36

Ok, i dug around and found it here:

You forgot to add the VIT tag, tag your videos with the following tags nsfw AND vit like this:
nsfw vit thats nsfw (space) vit and it will show up in the vit tribe and be able to be voted on. smh

31.10.2019 23:53

thankx ,next post will have the nsfw and vit tag , i do some mistakes becouse i am lazy and dont read the rules ... and becouse of the low steem power i conot edit wen i see someting roung , i wait 7 day to get some power :)

01.11.2019 07:54