A Celebration of Life | My Lil' buddy's 4th birthday |

Good afternoon fellow members of #SteemJapan active and non-active members. Today I will partake my entry for today's blog which is the birthday celebration of my little charmer Jacob Aldrich.


Jacob as we call him shortened for his full name Jacob Aldrich was turning 4 yesterday even if we don't have much still we are able to make his day memorable one. My lil' buddy is really a charmer to everyone and he seems so energetic and so playful that he seems to have so much energy in-store. He is my stress reliever, inspite everything that happened between me and his father still I tried my best to make it up and give ample time for them for I know that through my kids I get more strength to win the challenges in life.


I have a simple wish on his birthday which is to stay healthy amidst the current situation and to stay loving and sweet to his siblings and most of all is to put God in everything he does for I know our Almighty Father will be the best guide.

I just hope and pray that God will hear my prayers. God bless everyone and keep safe.


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22.07.2021 22:33

Thanks much.😍

23.07.2021 00:04

Happy birthday to your son. I hope he had the best day.

23.07.2021 04:26

Thanks for the greetings kabayan. Well, Jacob has been enjoying his day its as if he knew that it's his big day and I'm so happy to see him grow day by day.

23.07.2021 11:52

happy belated sa imung bugoyy ate. stay healthy all.

24.07.2021 13:23

Salamat dae. 😘

24.07.2021 15:49