Music For Steem - week 19 - Venezuela by @jenniferalessio

Hola amigos de MusicforSteem, para esta semana traigo esta canción de mi país, se llama "En Venezuela" realmente es muy linda, no soy muy fan de la música folklórica pero esta es una canción que he amado desde pequeña.


I carry your light and your fragance on my skin,
And the cuatro in my heart,
I carry in my blood the sea foam,
And your horizon in my eyes.

I don't envy the flight nor the nest to the troupial,
I'm like the wind in the harvest.
I feel the Caribbean Sea like a woman,
That's the way I am... What can I do?

I am desert, jungle, snow, and volcano
And when I walk I leave a trail
And the voice of the plains in a song,
Makes me stay awake.

The woman I love has to be
Heart, fire and spur,
With tanned1 skin like a flower
Of Venezuela.

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Linda voz y hermosa cancion, sigue así.

25.10.2020 13:21