Challenge Dac: Earn Rewards by Creating and Joining Challenges

I've come to love the innovations and functionalities that come with the BLOCKCHAIN. Since December 2017, it has been a wonderful experience growing in this part of the world. I try to join every platform that comes way, that's why I'm on CHALLENGE DAC

I got to know about this unique platform from my friend @citimillz, a blockchain enthusiast and a promoter for challenge dac. He is doing a good job, he actually made me download the app and keeps tipping me, lol.

Challenge dac is a dapp on EOS BLOCKCHAIN. It has its own native coin, CHL that is used to reward users when they download the app, create and join challenges. It is a friendly app with easy navigation and it promises to be fun!

I just downloaded the app, registered and got 20 CHL already, I'll get more rewards as I keep being active. So join me let's play, challenge each other and get rewarded.

Below are the screenshots from the app

[My dashboard]

[My Asset]

[Create challenge]

You can change the game by downloading this app and have some fun with family and friends to create that lasting bond.

For more information:

Read about it here

Download the app via;

Google play store (Android)

Apple store (iOS)

Join us on telegram here

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Go CHL! It's amusing how you can just send and recieve challenges @jeline. Then you Unlock a Real Time Crypto reward when you meet the requirements of the sender.

21.11.2019 23:23

Thank you!!!!

I look forward to an amazing experience.

21.11.2019 23:50

Thanks you for your support we added 2500 CHL to your Challnege OS acount! Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 4.58.41 PM.png

22.11.2019 01:00

Thank you so much. I appreciate the kind gesture.

22.11.2019 02:01

Thank you for Spreading word about the ChallengeOS Discord @jeline.

1000 CHL sent to you via Telegram!

Invite your friends to our Discord

24.11.2019 22:14