"Sí hay punto"| Documentary Photography

"Yes There is a Point" refering to a Point of Sale is a phrase that has invaded the Venezuelan imaginary, a phrase that can decide if it is worth staying or not somewhere and that is determined by the absence of paper money in the country, since it only makes possible the payment of services through points of sale with debit or credit cards.

The phrase has increased almost as a marketing mechanism in recent years, making it really was a competition between local which had or lack of Point of Sale. Or even creating partnerships between them to share, giving their due commission to the owner, the Point of Sale.

si hay punto.png

I make my First delivery of this series of a trip that I made to La Colonia Tovar, in my profile you can get more photos of this and more trips ...


ct-3.jpg ct-4.jpg ct-5.jpg




I had some years without visiting La Colonia Tovar, it had always been a place that tried to maintain its roots and be this tourist place where you can disconnect from the city, so when I returned to visit some commercial transformations were already too obvious, including the YES THERE IS A POINT invading every corner.


ct-15.jpg ct-16.jpg





This would be the beginning of a series of photos that speak and explore this subject... that for me speaks of us, of our political and economic changes and of our habits of consumption, understanding that these habits establish us as a society and that personally I feel that they will change us forever. It will be a long time before we are left to be conditioned by the "Yes There is a Point".


ct-24.jpg ct-25.jpg




The importance of this is so big now that you have to specify when there is NO POINT of sale. The craziest thing is that really this last picture was the last picture of my trip. I thought it was very interesting to find this poster after a whole process of searching for photos where Yes there was a point and find this... I thought it was an ironic wink of coincidence. There we never get what we want...

Thanks for reading

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07.12.2019 15:27

Hola hola!

ME ENCANTOOOO! Yo tambien soy de Venezuela y puedo decir que el tema fue esencial, mucha creatividad


07.12.2019 17:19

Holaa Saray. Muchas gracias por tus palabras <3 Abrazo

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Eres tú nené!!

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Gracias bebéee <3

08.12.2019 05:02

Tú dices gracias por leer, yo te digo gracias por escribir!
La publicación es muy buena desde muchos puntos de vista. Las fotografías hablan por sí mismas: costo de las hamacas, puntos de venta casi que montado en altares, gente esperando para colocar su tarjeta en "el punto", etc.
Te felicito por esta sentida y sensible publicación. Un gran saludo @jeilinespinel

08.12.2019 02:20

Wao gracias por tus palabras @marcybetancourt!! Es tal cual lo que dices: altares que construimos cotidianamente.

Gracias nuevamente <3

08.12.2019 05:02

Te empiezo a seguir. Casi tenemos los mismos gustos y hobbies... y tus fotos me encantaron

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10.12.2019 02:32

Well, I'm not sure how to feel about this information. On one side, it is good to see that you can pay by card anywhere (this is a struggle that we still have in Europe - some places don't have such option, so you always have to carry some cash with you) but on the other side absence of money doesn't sound very good either.

I'm however looking forward to following your series!

Thank you for sharing!

11.12.2019 09:09