THE DIARY GAME : Friday, 15/1/2021 – My 61st diary entry for Season 3 (Powered-Up 100%).

Diary entry: Unknown Criteria

Hello steemians and diarists, this is my 61st diary entry for season 3.

This morning, I woke up knowing I had a lot to do today. From yesterday, I had planned to go and inquire at the admissions officer's office to know what the criteria for awarding scores to the school's post UTME candidates was. With that in mind, I went about my chores and also went out to power my devices as there was no power supply.

After powering my devices, I tried doing some stuff online and I continued till my battery went low again. I also powered my phone cause calls were still coming and I still needed to make calls. I was able to put up a diary entry before going out that afternoon.

At around 2:00 pm, I left for the admissions officer's office. By the time I stepped into the campus, it began to rain. Fortunately for me, I had already gotten to the admissions officer's office. I had to take shelter just outside the to avoid being wet as I hadn't an umbrella.

Taking shelter to avoid being wet by the rain

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When it was my turn, I went into the office to see the admissions officer. I enquired about the low scores of post UTME candidates and he gave a rather ambiguous answer. He stated that the criteria for awarding scores had been inputted into the school admission system and it automatically graded each candidate. He however refused to disclose what the criteria were.

At the admissions officer's office

Location Guide:
Google Plus Code - 6FP8WW23+4R
What3words address - powerhouse.reprisal.reduces

I left the admissions officer's office and returned home. On my way, I passed by a small fish market. The rain had created a pool of water just beside the traders though they were still there with their fishes. I went forward to purchase a waist belt as mine had gone bad.

A fish market at Choba junction


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After purchasing the belt, I went home. I put up another post later that evening. This time, it was about a very sumptuous dish and it was chosen as one of the top posts of that day in the community where I posted it. I'm gladding anticipating a visit to that post as is usual with posts of the day.

In case you want to read the post, here's the link -

I had dinner later that evening and went to bed.

That was my day friends, thanks for reading.

This is me

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