SteemFoods Contest - 13: My Favorite Kitchenware Shop - Everyday Supermarket

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I'm @jehoshua-shey and I'm delighted to share with you my favorite kitchenware shop. This is also my participation in the 'My Favorite Kitchenware Shop' contest organized by @alikoc07 in the SteemFoods community.

This post is about my favorite kitchenware shop in the area where I live. The importance of quality kitchen equipment can't be over-emphasized. This is because our cooking can be limited by the kinds of kitchen equipment we have.

I'll be sharing with you some kitchen equipment you might want to have in your kitchen and also my favorite shop for getting this kitchenwares.


Which is my favorite kitchenware shop?

My favorite kitchenware shop is Everyday supermarket. It has an outlet located not too far from my house. Everyday supermarket is a big retail chain in my country, with up to 6 big malls scattered across different high profile areas in and around my current city which is Port Harcourt.

Location information and pictures of Everyday Supermarket Choba

Google plus codes - 6FP8VWX4+8W
What3words address - sways.toot.diagonal





Why Everyday super market is my favorite

There are a number of reasons why Everyday supermarket is my favorite for kitchen wares. These reasons include -

  • It has some ultra-modern facilities. A typical example of this is the escalator shown in the interior picture. Here is also a picture of me riding the escalator.
  • Another reason is that it offers a wide range of kitchen wares. From cookers to utensils and lunchboxes. I'll detail these items in the next section.
  • Also, they're a high-standard supermarket. Their products, payment methods, and packaging are of high standards. Each shopping experience is a unique memory.
  • Their prices are affordable too.

Kitchenwares sold by this shop

Plates, cutleries, and other kitchen utensils need to be kept tidy. One of the ways to do this is by using a rack. Everyday supermarket has a variety of racks that they sell. Check them out below

Every standard kitchen has cookware of various sizes. You'll need a range of cookware sizes for efficient cooking. At Everyday supermarket, these cookwares come in sets making purchasing them easier.


This is basically a kitchen essential. You can't have a kitchen without a cooker. While Everyday doesn't sell firewood or charcoal or coal pots, they have some really cool electric and gas cookers for one to buy.


Whether it is vacuum flask, food warmers, dinner carriers, or water bottles, Everyday supermarket sells them all. You could even get lunch boxes for your kids at Everyday supermarket.



Juice extractor:
Aside from the traditional cooking, sometimes, you might want to go completely natural with fruits and fruit juice. Then you'll need a juice extractor to make the perfect juice. You'll also appreciate this if you're a fan of smoothie like me.


Plates and cutleries
I couldn't have passed this right? Well yes. I even bought one of these on my last visit to this shop. Everyday supermarket has lots of plates and cutleries on display. There are also a variety of designs to choose from.




There are no price lists currently. All prices are confirmed at the counter.

My last shopping experience

On my last shopping visit, I bought a flat plate. I need to replace the one I mistakenly broke at home. Here are the details of what I bought.


The price stamped on the plate is different from what was charged at checkout. This happens for some products at this shop sometimes. All prices are confirmed at checkout.


I visit Everyday supermarket approximately once in two months. However, it's my first stop for kitchenware

Lastly, here's a photo of me shopping.


This is my entry. Thanks for reading

All images and gifs used in this post were taken by me and are mine. The gifs are hosted in my account on for the sole reason of optimizing the gif experience

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