My Town In Ten Pics - Port Harcourt City [Monday, January 11, 2021]

Hello steemit community, I glad to share with you all my second entry in the my-town-in-ten-pics challenge.

This entry explains my town with ten selected pictures. I currently reside in Port Harcourt and I will be revealing what this city looks like.

Kindly note: This is not a continuation of my first entry.

1. Ada House

Ada house is a plaza along rumuokwuta road. It has lots of office spaces to let. It was recently re-innovated and currently looks so beautiful. It's strategic location even makes it a good choice for an office location.

Location Guide:
Google Plus Code - 6FP8VWFJ+2G
What3words address - incurring.redouble.goat

2. Genesis Restaurant Choba

This is a branch of Genesis which is a popular restaurant chain in my city. This branch is located in an area called Choba. Genesis offer high quality dishes as well as pastries and bread. The chain also has a cinema. There used to be a fidelity bank ATM in this branch but it has been removed.

Location Guide:
Google Plus Code - 6FP8VWW4+5P
What3words address - resilient.refolding.creatures

3. Icon Mobile Choba

This is a branch of a fast rising smart phones retail chain. The sell smart phones and their accessories. They offer really competitive prices. Usually, I check with them before purchasing a smart phone. This branch is located in Choba.

Location Guide:
Google Plus Code - 6FP8VWW4+GQ
What3words address - frustrating.anguishing.elongates

4. Community Junior Secondary School

This one is slightly confusing. Google says Community Junior Secondary School, while the sign board says Community Junior Primary School. There's nothing like a 'Junior primary' in our educational system and the kind of students in the school confirms that if anything, the school is a 'Junior secondary'. It is also located in Choba.

Location Guide:
Google Plus Code - 6FP8VWV4+VH
What3words address - discloses.diminutive.organisms

5. Firstbank Rumuokoro

This is a branch of Firstbank of Nigeria. They're a very popular banking institution and also reliable to. The offer proximity advantages to their customers by opening lots of branches across the country. I have an account with them.

Location Guide:
Google Plus Code - 6FP8VX8W+RJ
What3words address - yappy.bends.dice

6. Rumuola

This is one very popular bus stop in my city. It's a major bus stop and construction is ongoing to expand the road there.

Location Guide:
Google Plus Code - 6FP9R2M4+24
What3words address - morphing.keyboards.renting

7. Rumuokoro Market and Bus Park

This place is both a market and a bus park located at rumuokoro. It is temporarily closed due to the construction work going on at Rumuokoro Junction. Rumuokoro Junction is just as Popular as Rumuola. They are major bus stops in the city. Vehicles coming into the city usually stop at either of this two.

Location Guide:
Google Plus Code - 6FP8VX8V+VQ
What3words address - fragment.forehand.league

8. University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital

This is the teaching hospital of the federal university located in the city - the University of Port Harcourt. It's the biggest hospital in the state. It has lots of facilities and different medical wards.

Location Guide:
Google Plus Code - 6FP8VWXH+WM
What3words address - scorch.bandwagon.jammy

9. Uche Godsaving Pharmacy

This is a big drug store very close to where I resided. It is located along ozuoba-rumuosi road. The whole building is used by the store and they sell different kinds of drugs. One good thing I like about them is that, they are always available

Location Guide:
Google Plus Code - 6FP8VWFJ+FV
What3words address - paraded.torso.uses

10. Sterling Chemist

This is a chemist and medical laboratory not too far from where I reside. It's on google map so it has it's locatable. People around the area patronize this chemist especially for minor or common ailments.

Location Guide:
Google Plus Code - 6FP8VWFM+PG
What3words address - turns.strutting.presuming

That will be all for now. Thanks for reading.

All pictures used in this post were taken by me and are mine. The screenshot was taken from google maps


Comments 5

Nice entry bro. I've not been to port before, but I like Wike the gov. I will one day visit port and see the beauty. People talked about it and compare it to Abuja, but I don't know how far the mata be.

This is ckole the laughing gas.

One love bro.

twopercent #nigeria

11.01.2021 15:24

Thank you @ckole Port is a nice place, it may compare to Abuja in some ways but I'm not sure, I've not been to Abuja before. The gov. has undertaken some major projects in the state. He'll be remembered for something at least.

Thanks for coming around and for reading my blog.

11.01.2021 16:34

Yea, I watched the commissioning of some roads yesterday. The guy is doing well with what I've been seeing. His voice is like may Dada's voice. hahahahahahaha... People call my old man Masqurade before his demise. One love bro

11.01.2021 17:27

Lol. Sorry about your dad. Yeah, the governor has done some laudable construction and at a quick pace too.

11.01.2021 18:56

Thanks bro .

11.01.2021 21:55