Fish Stew and Boiled Rice - Health Benefits and Recipe

Hello steemians and food lovers, I'm delighted to share this post with you. It's my recipe for fish stew and boiled rice as well as their health benefits.


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  • Nutritional facts on Fish stew and Boiled Rice

Fish largely contains Omega-3 fatty acids. It also contains vitamins D and riboflavin. Phosphorus, calcium and minerals such as iodine, potassium, zinc, magnesium and iron.

The tomatoes which are a major ingredients in the stew, comprises of fat, saturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats as well as protein, calories, carbohydrates, fiber and sodium.

Rice as we know it, is a great source for carbohydrates.

  • Nutritional benefits of Fish Stew and Boiled Rice

The American Heart Association declares eating fish twice weekly as part of a healthy diet.

Riboflavin helps breakdown proteins, fats and carbohydrate. It also helps maintain the energy supply of the body.

Tomatoes are good for the skin and help prevent different types of cancers including prostrate, colorectal and stomach cancers. They are also good for the heart, which makes eating fish stew a 'hearty' diet.

Carbohydrate provides the body with energy, about 4 calories in every 1g. This energy fuels the brain, heart, kidney and central nervous system.

  • Recipe for Fish Stew and Boiled Rice

You'll require the following ingredients -

  • Rice - 2 cups (~ 340g)
  • Tomatoes - as many as 8 whole tomatoes
  • Vegetable oil - 20cL - 25cL
  • Onion bulbs - as many as 4 bulbs (depending on size)
  • Crayfish - about 100g (or to taste)
  • Green bell pepper - 2 big whole pieces
  • Fresh pepper - 3 whole pieces (or to taste)
  • Tomato paste - at least 1 sachet
  • Stock cubes - 3 small pieces
  • Salt to taste
  • Frozen fresh fish (This recipe used Mackerel popularly called 'Scumbia' in Nigeria)




Step 1
Dice your onions, bell pepper and tomatoes, then pound your pepper and crayfish.



Step 2
Place a pot on your cooker, light it and pour about 3L of water into the pot. Allow the water to boil very well, then pour your rice into the pot of boiling water and allow for the rice to cook for about 10mins.


Step 3
Bring the pot of boiling rice down from the cooker and empty it into a sieve about 3-4L in size. Allow the water to drain, then return the rice to the pot, fill it with water and sieve again.


Step 4
Return the rice to the pot, add a little water, just a enough to meet the level of the rice in the pot and return the pot to the cooker. Then cook till the rice is tender. If the water dries up before this happens, add a little more.


At any pot in this step, you can add salt to the rice as it suits you.

Step 5
When the rice get's tender, bring the pot down from the cooker. If there's still some water remaining, empty the content of the pot into a sieve and allow the water to drain.

Step 6
Wash your fish properly. I removed all the inner organs, including the gills, eyes, liver, etc.


Step 7
Place a smaller pot on the cooker and add about 40cL of water to it. allow the water to boil a little, then place your properly washed fish into the pot and allow it to cook for about 2mins. After this time, add some pounded pepper, diced onions, 2 stock cubes and salt to taste. Allow it to cook until the fish becomes tender (about 5-10mins depending on your cooker).


Step 8
When it's done, separate the fish from the stock (fish water) as in the pictures below



Step 9
Place a clean pot on the cooker and allow it to heat until the water dries completely. Then pour about 25cL of vegetable oil and allow to heat very well.

Step 10
Introduce some of your diced onions and all of your diced tomatoes and allow to fry until the tomatoes water gets dried. The add you tomato paste and continue frying.


Step 11
After the tomato paste is well fried, add some water, about 10cL or more and allow to cook for 5mins. Then add your fish, fish stock, 1 stock cube, pounded pepper and crayfish, dice onions (if still remaining) and salt to taste. Allow to cook for 4-5mins then add your diced bell pepper and some more diced onions (I like onions a lot). Cook for 2mins and your fish stew is done.


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Voila! your food is ready


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Thanks for reading.
All images used in this post were taken by me while cooking and are mine, no sources or citations needed.

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