take on challenges, why make us grow

Good evening friends and brothers, I greet you waiting for the Lord Jesus Christ to keep and protect in the name of Jesus, to the friends of Nigeria my greetings from our country Venezuela.


Yesterday my brother had the opportunity to speak in his congregation about the word of God, it is the first time he preaches in the congregation, so it is a very special occasion since he had no experience but God allowed it and could assume that Commitments.

says the word that God chose to shame and despise the shame of the wise, when God chooses us, we think that we will not be able to develop in this new stage, but we can commune with God.


we must know that God will always help us in the wisdom of his word.

Finally, I can say that if we can assume each commitment with the help of God, we can face it and be victorious.

Philippians 4:13
I can do everything in Christ that strengthens me.

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