Meditating on the grace of God.


Good morning brothers greetings and blessings to all in the name of Jesus, greetings to all the brothers of Africa, Europe, America and all the continents who follow me today through this portal where we can freely share the word of God.

Greetings to all parishioners of @steemchurch, @junfer, @ ricci01, @oppongk, @sirknight, @ darlenys01, thank you for your great support in the development of this server in this beautiful community.

Tremble, and do not sin; Meditate on your heart while in your bed, and keep quiet. Selah Offer sacrifices of justice, and trust in Jehovah.
Psalm 4: 4-5 NIV

The Bible expresses this word to us and I wanted to share it with you, it is a call to conscience, it is to know what the Lord wants of us.

If today we have failed the Lord in some area of our life, it is time to reflect and claim with the creator.


God bless you my brothers and sisters

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@jeanglou, meditating on God is wise, DTB.

11.10.2019 13:59

Amen my brothers and sisters. @sc-v

12.10.2019 12:18