Learning to be wiser

Learning to be wiser

Dear friends and brothers of all nationalities, greetings and good morning have all of you, I wish that the peace of God rests upon each one, bringing blessing and eternal life.

Jesus Christ said:
14: 6 Jesus said to him: I am the way, and the truth, and the life; No one comes to the Father except through me.
John 14: 6 (Reina Valera version 1960).

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I share this reflection of my authorship entitled "learning to be wiser" based on the word of God, the first thing we have to ask ourselves is: Where am I taking the wisdom that I have in my life? In other words, what kind of Of source of wisdom am I feeding my soul and my spirit?

As we all know, today there are infinite cultures, traditions, religions that have the objective of impacting the mind and heart of those who have an affinity for such things, in fact every human being was created with an instinct to follow or worship something, which leads him to the search for means that can satisfy his soul.

Unfortunately, not everything that glitters is gold, some religions only use part of the arguments of God and not their totality, which defines them as false teachings, in addition the fruit of these teachings does not result in “healthy wisdom, on the contrary they lead to people to a wrong and wandering state, wandering through confusion and far from biblical truths.

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The second thing we must ask ourselves is: How do I get a healthy wisdom? The answer to this concern is affirmed with the following biblical verse:

Proverbs Chapter 2 (Version King James Version)

2: 1 My son, if you receive my words,
And my commandments kept within you,
2: 2 By keeping your ear attentive to wisdom;
If you bow your heart to prudence,
2: 3 If you cry out to intelligence,
And to prudence you give your voice;
2: 4 If I eat the silver you seek it,
And look at it like treasures,
2: 5 Then you will understand the fear of Jehovah,
And you will find the knowledge of God.
2: 6 For Jehovah gives wisdom,
And from his mouth comes knowledge and intelligence.
2: 7 He provides sound wisdom to the upright;
It is a shield to those who walk uprightly.
2: 8 He who guards the paths of judgment,
And preserves the way of his saints.
2: 9 Then you will understand justice, judgment
And equity, and all good way.
2:10 When wisdom will enter your heart,
And science will be pleasing to your soul,
2:11 Discretion will keep you;
Your intelligence will preserve you,
2:12 To deliver you from the wrong way,
Of the men who speak perversities,
2:13 Who leave the right paths,
To walk in dark paths;
2:14 Let them be glad doing evil,
That they strike in the perversities of vice;
2:15 Whose paths are crooked,
And crooked their ways.

What does the word of God affirm? In short, it tells us that if we go to the right source, we will be imparted with a good wisdom that will make our life fruitful with pleasing actions to our heavenly father, is the answer to all those philosophers, researchers, thinkers who try desperately to find the correct instruction to change people's thinking and achieve a better world.

Friend reader, only through Jesus can we find the source of the wisdom that is Jehovah the creative father of all things, but we cannot approach because the sin that is present in our lives does not allow us to establish an intimate relationship with him, by Therefore it is necessary to make a radical decision, "please in spirit and truth" to live a holy, pious and integrated life every day but not in our own way, this can only be achieved with the help of the Holy Spirit that will come when we decide to leave all kinds of sin that offends God.

If today you want to genuinely approach Jehovah, ask forgiveness for your sins and tell him that through Christ of the sacrifice on the cross forgive you for all the evil that is in you and if you do it from the heart, the Holy Spirit will come upon you, the which will help you follow the teachings of the Bible, he will remind you of everything you need to know and you will enjoy healthy wisdom.

God bless you.

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