Learn, the habit we all need.


Have you ever wondered why we do not achieve goals in life? For many reasons that can be presented to us, we will not succeed in the goals set. Then I will share with you one of the most frequent causes of failures in our lives.

On repeated occasions we have read this biblical quote located in the book of the prophet Hosea:

Hosea 4: 6 The Word (Latin America) (BLPH)
My people perish
for lack of knowledge;
and as you rejected knowledge,
I will reject you from my priesthood;
for having forgotten the law of your God,
I will also forget your children.

In the context of this biblical passage we will observe a specific case where God addressed the people of Israel through the prophet, the message was intended to exhort the beloved people of the Lord, because they had cast off fear of God, had stopped loving to God and rejected good knowledge which leads us to be at peace with the Lord.

In the same way, today the ignorance of what we do both on a spiritual and secular level can bring us serious consequences.

For example, if someone starts a ministry and does not know the word of God, that guarantees that he is heading for failure. On many occasions, leaders do not handle biblical truths in depth and teach distortions due to lack of knowledge.

Another example in everyday life would be to start a business and not have all possible variables, aspects such as budgets, value of the national currency before and after the investment, transportation value, taxes among other things.


To ignore any of these areas is synonymous with going bankrupt, an entrepreneur must handle all these fundamentals well so that the business is maintained and prosper until it is self-sustaining.

For this and for many more reasons we must strive to learn and exercise in this habit which will free us from bad times, not only us but also those around us, we can hurt our friends or loved ones if we teach something that is not correct and we can also fail in our finances if we don't have the proper knowledge.

Let's avoid unpleasant moments and learn to live pleasing the Lord by leading our lives in the right way.

God bless you

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