Family according to God's purpose

Family according to God's purpose

Dear good morning, fraternal and cordial greetings, God bless you on this day, I want to share briefly with you how my experience has been in this new stage of my Life.

God's blessing family

It is not surprising that today we see a great degradation of family principles, fundamentally, respect, kindness, subjection and keeping good customs within the family nucleus are being lost. However, God is interested in the families of the earth and wants his word to be put into practice so that they receive all the blessings he has destined.

Some questions to meditate

How to acquire the heavenly blessings?
The answer is simple but at the same time it has a certain degree of complexity, since the bible mentions in the book of Matthew 6:33 that we seek first the kingdom of God and his justice so that everything comes added, understanding then that putting to work These commandments activate the blessing upon us.

What has been my experience?
As the leader of my home and understanding that as a child of God I should resemble him more, I strive to follow the testimony of Jesus here on earth, starting with my house which is my first responsibility, then my ministry in the Church and taking care of the interpersonal relationships with each of those around me, of course this is not easy, on many occasions I have failed God which leads me to implore his forgiveness to get up again, since I have also failed my neighbor.

Romans 5: 8 is one of my favorite quotes, which describes: "But God shows his mercy with us, in that being sinners Jesus Christ died for us", that is to say my reading friends that we are not alone, although we fail by our nature, the Jesus' sacrifice and love on the cross, wash us from all evil making us accepted in front of his presence, causing us to be better every day in our families.

In Christ we are more than conquerors

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