Day of blessing, a gift from God.

Day of blessing, a gift from God


Good evening to all, greetings and may the Lord prosper you in everything, I want to share with you the summary of what happened on this day, where we could see God's hand moving in our favor.

God in his great love and mercy takes care of us, helps us, strengthens us and makes us prosper, the Lord makes everything go well in his time. This morning we went to my wife's office to verify her pregnancy, since she is 8 months pregnant, the doctor's words were gratifying to say that everything is very good.


We have verified once again that God is and will always be good, I also tell you that when we were going back home, we were approached by a neighbor who was in the vicinity of where we were performing the errands and he very kindly offered to take us to house, a blessing from God that adds grace to our lives.

The bible expresses the following:

But without faith it is impossible to please God; because it is necessary that he who approaches God believes that he is there, and that he is the winner of those who seek him.
Hebrews 11: 6 NIV.

Let us seek God with sincere hearts and show love by living a life in holiness every day and so we will like it.

God bless you

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@jeanglou, our gratitude to God for his favors is a blessing! God continue to guide and add everything to their lives, Dtb.

01.10.2019 19:48

God bless and may your journey be smooth and delivery quick! I also am pregnant but only half way!

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02.10.2019 02:53

Amén, God bless you too. A Baby is a Blessing

04.10.2019 00:56

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05.10.2019 07:26