Get motivated to get fit

You want to get fit, but you're lazy to do anything and you lack the motivation to do so. We'll you're not alone. When you reach a certain age, say forty or more (like me by the way) maintaining our weight and keeping fit is just hard.

Blame it on the hormones or technological gadgets like your 60 inches screen TV or latest mobile phone model, you become stuck in your couch either watching TV or trying to catch up what's trending or gossips that goes viral on social media.

Getting fit is hard, I know, I tried and failed. I start and then just stop. I just can't' seem to find that proper motivation to go on. Until now!

Let me introduce to you an app that helps you give that little push to do a little more to climb and hit that goal.

StepChain is a responsible app, created on top of the Ethereum platform that rewards people when they walk. Yes, you read that right, you walk and they give you rewards. And one more thing, you can use your rewards to shop!

So what do you need to do? Easy peasy.

  1. Download the StepChain App, either from Google or Apple and link it with Google fit or Apple Health for easy tracking.
  2. Walk
  3. Check your wallet.

StepChain app tracks your steps and movement via the linked Google fir or Apple health, and rewards you with STEP points for every step you make. These STEP points can then be converted to STEP coins that you can use to pay for vouchers, fitness items, subscriptions, etc. on their in-app shop or just accumulate your points for now and wait till they get listed for trading.

Take a look at StepChain App features.

StepChain App Features

app features.jpg

Instant rewards
Just walk and earn STEP points ergo STEP coins.

**Activity logs88
Track your progress and how StepChain helps improve your activity. and reach your goal.

Check your balance and manage your STEP coins. You can use STEP coins in our In-app shop for items or donate them to support StepChain's cause.

Stepchain's social gamification where you can join the competition and see how you compete against the StepChain community.

Native Integration
As mentioned above, the App can be linked to Google Fit and Apple Health for better tracking

Join the Stepchain community, chat, share stories and encourage each other.

The app also includes daily tips from professionals to help you with your healthy habits and lifestyle. Not only does StepChain help with your health and wellness, but you still can socialize since the app has a chat room where you can send a message to your friends and to the community as a whole.

Check this video and see for yourself that StepChain is a responsible app.

To learn more about StepChain please visit their Website
read their Whitepaper

Join their active community here: Telegram Community

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