The ugly witch

Imagen Source-Pixabay

Deep in the forest.
Where the light cannot reach.
There is an old hut.
With a woman crying without stopping.

Ancient legends tell their story.
She was sweet and shy when she arrived there.
In that dark forest a gnome boarded her.
The only one who looked at her without sinning.

The men always played with her.
She was very ugly and only served as a distraction.
Drunks and scoundrels fell in love with her.
The act was consummated, abandoned to her fate.

In that forest next to the gnome, she cured her damaged heart.
Up and down, the two inseparable played nonstop.
Tricks and tricks absorbed, for with them to practice.

Looking at himself in the mirror, his ugliness could be appreciated.
In the art of darkness and falsehood, he slowly went to fly.
Surrounded in her misery, cheerful she seemed to sing.

In the nights of the forest she went for a walk.
A mask she wore so as not to be noticed.
Hunting knights who wanted to love her.
But everyone was only looking for a while to enjoy.

It didn't matter that she was hiding under another face.
Not only was her face horrible, her soul was ugly as well.
No potions, tricks or gadgets could save her.
Hysteria, she cried.

The stories tell of her.
That he never returned from the dark forest.
Sunken and sad with the gnome.
The ugly witch died without knowing love.

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