The truth

imagen Source - Pixabay

*Always crushed and mistreated.
They're trying to keep you hidden anyway.
The impossible becomes possible.
Your hidden words will be*

*You're the enemy to be defeated.
The whole world fears you.
That's why they refuse to use you.
They prefer to sink into falsehood.*

*Decadent and ruin society.
In her buried you will always remain.
Forbidden your name will be decreed.
Forgotten but you'll always wait.*

*Flashes of your light will sometimes arise.
But soon extinguished for eternity.
Surviving in a world where you can't be.
By deceiving each other we will be sacrificed.*

*Someday with strength you'll rise again.
By knocking down empires you will impose yourself.
And triumphant all will admire you.
Only the truth victory will get.*

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