Face of Betrayal

Imagen Source- Pixabay

*I remember when you pretended to be someone you weren't.
Like a chameleon you wander through the crowd.
Going unnoticed.

*With your best lamb costume you go around the world.
We take pity on you and your supposed life.
You attract attention

*With your silly face you devote yourself to cheating.
Expelling only false words from your mouth.
Love you say you have to give.
While you sharpen the knives to stab.*

*As a parasite you eat of all around you.
Taking advantage of good-hearted people.
When you are full of strength you seem to be.
From behind you attack mercilessly.*

*Your unhappy life seems to find a purpose.
Consuming all the lives you can swallow.
Voracious and unparalleled appetite.*

*From on high now you sit and watch.
Without your mask, you think you are safe.
Hurting without thinking.*

*Not only on the outside you are horrible.
Without soul, now you are uglier.*

*Someday you will be charged for crawling tricks.
For a traitor the gallows await you.*

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