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*The vile world with traps will make you fall.
You will succumb to some of his dirty tricks.
No one is safe from the tricks of society.
The dark world around us waits for us.*

*Wherever you look the vermin are
Wishing you were wrong and to see you fall.
They feed on your mistakes, your failures and sadness.
You are just a food and they will eat you.*

*There are no friends.
You will be surrounded by a horde of traitors and false people,
Tearing you down is the goal they have in mind.
For them to climb on your fallen body.*

*No one is looking for anyone's good.
A society of carnivorous plants.
Devouring each other.
Your corpse buried beneath them.*

*With marvelous charm they will approach you.
While you only give them love, they will crush you.
They will strike so hard that it will be impossible to get up.
Lying on the floor, the pack will attack you.*

*Into the abyss of the forgotten you will be thrown.
Erased your name for them you never existed.
Like a stain your achievements will be cleansed.
Lost in the shadows forever your name.*

*The emptiness of your fall will fill the tyrants.
With strength his power will be restored.
No dissenting voices will ever be at the top.
Looking at the abyss where you will eternally suffer...*

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