WASTE NOT - WANT NOT - Pork Braai Rasher Stir Fry with Risotto

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I generally cook enough food so that there are leftovers for the next day and was also brought up in a family where a philosophy of "waste not want not not" so I have absolutely no problem at all eating leftovers... except braai meat (that's BBQ'd meat to the non-South Africans) - for whatever reason, I really just can't stand it (except chicken drumsticks lol) - and yet there ALWAYS seems to be left over braai meat in our fridge... you think we braai too much maybe? haha! So whenever there is left over braai meat... I cringe somewhat... as I really don't want to eat it.

The other day whilst cleaning the kitchen and staring at the left over braai meat in the fridge... I decided to reinvent it and then suddenly I was actually looking forward to it! What we had left over was some traditional pork rashers and then some kassler rashers... so I just chopped them up into relatively small cubes...



Then I went and bought some bratwurst sausage, a small packet of fresh chopped stirfry veg (because I was feeling lazy) and didn't really fancy chopping it all myself - besides, it ends up costing a lot more to buy everything individually, you end up with too much stuff and then you still have to do the work haha! I also bought some risotto rice... which to be honest I have never cooked before... so that was a first time experience for me... I am proud to say that (I think) I got it juuuust perfect grin!




I started off with the risotto. Chopped up a half and onion and a few celery sticks and then fried them in a little bit of olive oil.



Then I added about 2 cups of the dry risotto - stirring it all regularly until the risotto becomes relatively translucent While the celery, onions and risotto were busy, I had a pot of chicken stock heating up as you will need to spoon this in little by little... and it is really important that it is HOT when you pour it in.

You can add about a litre of stock, but one soup ladle at a time and only add a new ladel of stock once the liquid of the previous one has cooked away... stirring continuously. This process will take about 20 - 30 min depending on whether you are working on an electric stove or gas... gas obviously being a lot quicker.


Once the risotto is al dente (tender but firm), then pop about four teaspoon sized blobs of butter on top of the risotto - do not stir it in, just remove from the heat - pop the lid on and leave it to settle for about 10 minutes, then you can go back and gently stir the butter in. And that's a wrap for the risotto! Now it was time to whip out the wok and heat it to a very high heat with a little olive oil. Once the wok was ready I threw in the stir fry veg


After a minute or two of frying the veg, I added the sliced braai rashers and the bratwurst sausage. I kept the seasoning to an absolute minimum because the risotto had already been cooked in stock with the celery and onion and the combination of flavours in the stir fry were going to be quite "heavy" with the two meats - so I simply added a little salt, pepper and garlic.



After a few minutes of frying I turned the heat off and left it to settle. That's pretty much it, everything was ready for plating... and I really must say, it was a wonderful transformation! Even Jude absolutely loved it. I would love to know what kind of reinventing you have done with your braai / BBQ meat... I am sure you all have some fab ideas too.




*Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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Hei queen, my wife seen your content and tell me one day she made this.thanks for share.

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27.11.2019 16:43

I hope she does :)

28.11.2019 11:24

My mouth is watering..

27.11.2019 16:43

lol objective achieved!

28.11.2019 11:24
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28.11.2019 01:53

Thank you @freedompoint and @innerblocks - much appreciated x

28.11.2019 11:11

Another delicious offering! I'll have to try risotto.

28.11.2019 05:00

That is the same policy we follow in our household no food must go to waste.

28.11.2019 08:39

It is a good policy to have :)

28.11.2019 11:04

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28.11.2019 10:44

Beautiful! What a creative way to use braai meat. (I love that word!) I tell my children that to waste meat is to waste a creature's life, so yes, I live by the same philosophy.

And now that I realize how South African you are (only the past week or so, lol - I guess I wasn't paying enough attention), I can hear your accent as I read and reply. (I've met a few now and will always recognize the accent now.)

28.11.2019 14:31

hahaha yeah our accent seems to prick many ears lol :)

03.12.2019 11:05

Actually, there's a story there...
I met my first South African (woman) in England - at the church we were going to at the time. Sometime, thereafter, I met a guy in a shop (still in England) and took about five minutes listening to his accent and realizing I was hearing the same accent that this other woman used. He was shocked that I correctly guessed his accent. lol

Recently, here in Wyoming, I met my third South African. We are still good friends, though she's since moved to California. But her accent has stayed with me strongly enough that I can hear it in the writing of others now. I love the accent, myself, but then I tend to like all sorts of accents as just being something that makes you interesting and unique.

03.12.2019 13:58

That is so true hey! Your friend in Wyoming... what was her name?

03.12.2019 14:38

I'll chat on Discord about her if you want... not sure naming her on the blockchain is all that good. She just went through a really nasty divorce and loves horses. If that sounds familiar, then let's chat.

03.12.2019 14:44

oooh ok no definitely not the same person. Shame man that's horrible :( been there, got the T-shirt.

03.12.2019 14:46

Yeah - too many of us have gone through that. :-(

We may be the least-populated state here in Wyoming, but we're still very spread out...

Just looked it up so that I can give you a good idea... It's like the population of Benoni, spread out across Eastern Cape and Free State.

03.12.2019 14:57

hahaha OMG!

and yes... sadly, marriage does not seem to hold much true value in today's world.

03.12.2019 15:03

I'm glad that analogy worked for you! Wyoming is big.

Marriage will not hold value until the people who embark upon it are mature enough to give it its due... When men stop thinking they can treat a woman however they like... and women realize that they can't treat their (good and worthy) husbands like they are the scum of the earth... THEN we have a chance for marriage to work again. (I have other, less popular opinions on the subject, but I keep those to my family - and sometimes in my stories.)

03.12.2019 15:07

Marriage will not hold value until the people who embark upon it are mature enough to give it its due...


(I have other, less popular opinions on the subject, but I keep those to my family - and sometimes in my stories.)

Yeah, I think I might have a few of those myself LOL!!!

and on a side note, when are you going to come and join us in the PHC server? :)

03.12.2019 15:10

I'm an admin in two different Discords and mostly run Pokecord in three servers. I wish I could give myself to every Discord that's worth the time, but I can't. Sorry.

03.12.2019 15:18

we will have to coax you over time :P hahaha :) Trust me.. I can relate! LOL

03.12.2019 15:20

Ag nee man, jy maak my honger!

28.11.2019 15:43

lol my bad!

03.12.2019 11:03