Cripple Creek Colorado scenes and Block Party meetup by TheAlliance

Here it is — the post I promised a couple of weeks ago to wrap up the events and happenings at the Cripple Creek Steem meetup — the Block Party!

won't trot out the excuse of being busy, although it's true. It's a life condition. But the fact is, sometimes when you have a truly powerful experience it is hard to write about it until you can look through memory's lens. But I'll save my thoughts on that untthe end.

o whathat was this thing? Who was there, what happened, what did we do, see, bout...?

he Blohe Block Party was sponsored by @enginewitty — aka "Witty." For those of you reading this who have not been exposed to the Steem blockchain, and the social media and content development apps built on it, just click on any user name in this porn more.

he peo
The people who gathered in Colorado are from here, there, and everywhere. Many but not all of us have met through Steem and Discord. It's amazing to meet people face-to-face that you know but have never met! Some of us had actually met before in person. For example, .) ith th) With that introduction behind me, I'm going to share some of the happenings. It was such a spectacular experience. Huge hats off to .) h2>Tri.)

Trip StaSprings

fter flyin2>
After flying in to Denver, I met up with @enginewitty and we drove to Colorado Springs, stopping to visit an overlook on the way where we could see Pike's Peak and watch glider planes soaring down to the US Airforce bwere incredible.


n Color>

In Colorado Springs we connected with the fabulous @snook and . h2>On eferrer">hereeek he thrCripple Creek The three of us drove from Colorado Springs to Cripple Creek the next day. The drive and the views of the foothills and Rockies were amazing, and we drove through probably two or tthe way. centers along the way.



h2>Settlinheight="632" /> e arrittling in and rubbing elbows We arrived at our accommodations for the weekend — a Victorian mansion set oe Creek. centercharming town of Cripple Creek.

he views f43" height="632" />

The viewredible. centersurrounding the mansion were incredible.

But the interior was totally mind-blowing. Every room is gorgeously done in quaint fureplace! centeraper. And every bedroom has its own fireplace!


The place is massive. I don't know if anyone ever counted how many rooms there are. But there people! ll thand bedrooms everywhere. It could sleep quite a few people! All that afternoon and evening, people arrived to join the festivities. We met, hugged, cooked together, dined together, played yet met. he fired glasses, and got acquainted with those we had not yet met. The first picture is of

he next on-1024x768.jpg" alt="" width="500" height="375" />

The next one includes (left to right) @prettynicevideo, @snook.


beganloads/2019/07/Group.jpg" alt="" width="640" height="360" />

I began to learn about the wildly varying experiences people have on Steem. Liz could not remember her Steem name but was an amazing part of the weekend. She spent a couple of days doing long hikes. Michael David is involved in a behind-the-scenes way and is not actively posting right now. @dreemsteem and @prettynicevideo, @ecoinstant (@dreemsteem, @davedickeyyall (tucked behind the column), @enginewitty.


nd theds/2019/07/AA-porch-1024x768.jpg" alt="" width="843" height="632" />

And the next picture includes (left to right) @mariannewest, @rakkasan84, and ." target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">@scarletreaper.


have x768.jpg" alt="" width="500" height="375" />

Strolling around town

I have never been to Cripple Creek before. It's the most darling town, only about a mile long. I took quite a few walks on my own as well as with groups, with @bethvalverde.

I'll share a few pictures here, but will nee around.

ote: TyWalk post or two another time because I have so many great pictures from strolling aroupenings.

centerctures in this post do not appear in the order they were taken, but are grouped by happenings.

I love a town with a sense of humor! The jail museum was really cool. The town of Cripple Creek has quite a few casinos today, and some of the income goes toward preserving the historic nature of the town. Back in the day, it was a gold rush town, and thewith it.

centerd derelicts and gun fights and the whole deal! Today, they honor the past and have some fun with it.

The dc charm.

center is super charming. Even though there are casinos about every 20 feet, it has a small town historic charm.

centerold narrow gauge railroad, and people can go for rides on it. I intended to do that, but never got around to it!

We made Witty kiss a donkey's derriere!

The formal activities

e lear Block Party activities! We had a number of educational sessions and fun activities over the course of the weekend.


We learned about @ecoinstant (in person) and @josephsavage (skyped in). I am honestly wowed by this innovative model, designed to create a steady income for anyone, anywhere. Right now there are people with limited means who are sustaining themselves on SBI. When you gift SBI to someone, you both benefit. So it is a total win-win! Be sure to visit the laugh yoga session in action on @dreemsteem modeling her pirate garb. She is such a lovely, inspiring person!

ere's aligncenter wp-image-1907" src="" alt="" width="500" height="375" />

centerthe audience view! I had Michael's son take the picture and I forgot to tell him to take more than one, so unfortunately I look like I just ate a sour grape.

'm notncenter size-large wp-image-1908" src="" alt="" width="843" height="632" />

I'm not sure we were ever all in the same place at the same time! @ecoinstant and @weekend.

a hreft there for this activity, but @crescendoofpeace (also pictured below) had arrived after a plane fiasco. So there was some coming and going throughout the weekend.

@prettynicevideo taught us about video editing with the Vlogit app. It was a blast and super informative, and we made a cute video for @snook in the process! I learned a ton. It's a great app for someone like me who really does not know thing er>


" alt="" width="500" height="375" />

Live "Pants are Optional" show

On the last evening, @snook pulled it all together with a wonderful wrap-upants on!

n clas(unrecorded) version of her "Pants are Optional" radio show. In the real show, it's possible some people choose not to wear pants, but no one really knows. We all kept our pants on!

In classic foro. Over!

centerryone a burning question that they had to answer. I wish I could remember some of the really funny ones, and the best answers. Mine was simple: Toil/>




h3>Footh="300" height="28hat
here w/>

Anyway, we all laughed so hard we just about peed our pants (which we were, in fact, wearing). It's just a hoot what people will say when asked life questions.

Food, games and chit chat

There was so much more than I can cover fully here. In the mornings we went to a casino for breakfast, because it was included with our stay at the inn. We made meals together, played cards, gabbjourney.

centerening, and talked a lot about the Steem blockchain. This was one of the wonderful side benefits — the opportunity to learn from one another about the many />



I said I would touch on some of the achievements and community building of some of the members present. It really is inspiring to see what some of these lovely people have achieved, like @snook, @mariannewest, @dreemsteem, @prettynicevideo and of course @enginewitty —people with great followings who have inspired many.
What amazes me about people like that is twofold:1. They have achieved most of what they have earned by giving to the community in the form of support, information sharing and curation.1. The ways they have chosen to make their mark through content are completely different, which to me means that it’s all about sharing information that is meaningful to you. And there is not one right way.
Also, they are some of the most down-to-earth people you could ever meet!

h2>But wai

fter cer size-medium wp-image-1926" src="" alt="" width="300" height="176" />

But wait, there's more

After clean-up and emotional goodbyesanother.

centero see the Garden of the Gods, an area of red rock canyons where some rocks seem impossibly balanced. We roved and shopped in the little gift />


rom thdth="500" height="375" />

From there we said more goodbyes, and then Witty, D/>


n the alt="" width="500" height="375" />

On the way, we had some wonderful wind-down conversation, and they introduced me to the world of silver trading. Uh-oh! Another thrilling diverway too.

centermotional good-byes were yet to come. Witty and I waited at Dreemy's gate with her, and waved until she was out of sight. Then, saps that we are, we actua/>


t lastrt.jpg" alt="" width="500" height="375" />

At last it was down to the original two! Witty and I had a nice dinner together and finally it was time for us to say goodbye er>

h2>All about him, but I was feelingend
t was at this point.

All good things must come to an end

It was just really hard to say that last goodbye.

Sure, I was ready to get back home and see my family and get back into routine. But an experience like this is memorable and special and transformational in ways that ar ground.

was ipress. When you get together for a short time with people that have something tremendous in common, there is just an amazing kind of bonding that happens. The barriers to creating community are gone because you have an amazing common ground.

I was interested to hear that almost everyone said tht of it.

nd I tations about going to the Block Party. Would it be worth the time away from their tasks and to-do items? Would they be able to relate to the other other people there? To a person, everyone was thrilled they made the decision to be a part of it.

And I think, at the end of the day, that is one of the best take-aways. If you feel shy about facing something, maybe it's a sign that you should. It might take you out of your comfort zone. Someone might make yodreamed.

hanks t it's okay. You'll be a bigger person and a better person for it. And you'll be proud of yourself for trying something new. You may even meet people and learn txt year!

centernge your life forever in ways you wouldn't have previously dreamed.

Thanks so much again, @thealliance and @enginewitty, and all the supporters who made it happen. I will never forgeer>

centere Creek. And I'm looking forward to next year!

Animated sigbsp;


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This was so much fun to se @jayna 😍 Lovely pictures and I love The envirement and mansion. Such a beautiful place to be and The big rocks are a favorite 😉
But Nothing can compare to the many smiles and the love that shows in the pictures 💖
I'm so happy you guys had such a wonderful time and got meet each other in person, such blessing. Thank you for sharing this my friend and for the smiles 🤗🌺💖 much love!

08.07.2019 00:33

I’m so glad you enjoyed the vicarious experience, @saffisara!

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08.07.2019 00:39

I really did and I hope to meet you all soon 🤗💕

08.07.2019 11:37

Likewise, @saffisara!

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08.07.2019 12:34

I LOVE this post.
words can not express just how much.

I will try and find words later <3

08.07.2019 00:58

Oh I wanted to package up the whole entire weekend in a post, and it can’t be done! There was so much sharing of information, and everyone there brought something unique to the experience. I just hope the recap is meaningful to those who read this but weren’t able to be there.

08.07.2019 03:24


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08.07.2019 06:19

It was fun remembering all the fun and conversation. I love the picture of you from the last night. 😁

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08.07.2019 12:32

That face!

08.07.2019 18:18

Wow, colossal post! :)
and OMG you're very strong! 💪

08.07.2019 08:59

Ha ha. Thank you! It’s time my super powers became known. 😆

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08.07.2019 12:33

Looks like you guys know how to have fun. Great to see that you got to meet up with fellow Steemians.

08.07.2019 11:47

Thank you. Yes it was so fun!

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08.07.2019 19:27

This trip started and ended with you and I, so I really love this one. Ugh, I can't believe you guys got me to eat avocado, let alone kiss an ass! HAHAHAHAHA! O wow this was soo much fun. That one shot is cool you holding up the rock! Love you Jayna! Thanks for sharing your pix and p-o-v's with us. Much appreciated.

08.07.2019 17:51

At least no one can accuse you of not being open to new experiences! Thank you for being such a good sport, in addition to being an awesome organizer, community builder and everything else. 😆

It really was a blast. I’m so glad I got to be there.

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08.07.2019 19:29

And I'm happy you took the leap and made it out too! Love new family :P

08.07.2019 23:24

Thanks for sharing on Pimp Your Post Thursday

12.07.2019 15:47

The avocado..... I don't think I'll ever forget the look on your face 🥑🤪😲🤢

Hahahhahahahaha and yes.. she sure did get you to kiss that donkey's ass! Hahahahahhahaa

Fantastic time

.cannot wait til next year :)

16.07.2019 23:52

The things we wish we had a camera ready for🤣

17.07.2019 23:29

Hahahahahhahaa it was like... Thr most revolted face ever

And betrayal!!!!

Like.. how could you let me put that into my mouth!?!?


17.07.2019 23:32

Lmao you totally read my brain mode. Seriously was all like, "eewww, why did you do that to my taste buds!" And "what can you possibly find appealing about this flavor?"
Then again, I like smoked oysters, sardines and other odd stuffs

17.07.2019 23:37

Mmmmm is sooooo creamy and delicious!!!!

I LOVE avocados hahahaha

But... Cali girl 🙋

And oysters!?!?! How dare you speak a word against avocados when you eat that abomination!!!! Lololol

17.07.2019 23:46

Oysters, yes! Aphrodisiac and taste awesome! Kinda like chewy avocados 🤣

18.07.2019 00:30

Bleeeeeeechhhhhh!!! No. Way.

18.07.2019 00:31

Ha ha ha. You two have food issues! What a pair.

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18.07.2019 05:00

This is such a great post. It looks like you guys had an amazing time. I wish I didn’t have so much going on health wise lately and with the film I am currently working on. That would have been an awesome time to hang out with everyone.

08.07.2019 18:19

Sorry to hear about the health issues, @derangedvisions. It would be great to see you again! Are you planning on Bangkok? Regardless, be sure to set your sights on next June for the next Block Party.

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08.07.2019 19:24

Thanks. I felt I was present there.

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09.07.2019 02:48

Thank you, @sayee! That’s the best compliment!

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09.07.2019 04:11

The place looks amazing, beautiful decor. You guys really had an awesome time. It is so nice to meet up in these small groups. I intent to attend the Steemfest this year, wonder what's it's gonna be like :-)

09.07.2019 08:03

It will be great. You won’t regret it! I attended last year, and it was the experience of a lifetime!

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09.07.2019 09:05

Yes I am so excited and looking forward to :-)

09.07.2019 13:52


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Thank you, @helpiecake!

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10.07.2019 16:37

I’m sorry I missed it but so glad you had such a great time! 💞 Love the pics!

09.07.2019 19:15

We missed you terribly, @katrina-ariel! And you lovely music. Next year...!

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12.07.2019 17:37

You covered so much of the weekend and it comes through how great it really was - and still, it was even greater than that. I am so glad that we finally got to meet!!

10.07.2019 15:31

Yes it was so much greater than that. It’s so hard to capture the fun and wonder of such a great event. So awesome meeting and hanging out with you too, @mariannewest.

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10.07.2019 16:43

this is so cool, and it's amazing to see pictures of other amazing steemians too. Nice work

11.07.2019 14:40

Thank you, @paulag. It’s always a blast when Steemians come together! 😁

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12.07.2019 17:38

very cool look at the Meetup Block Party!

thanks @enginewitty for presenting this at @pypt #pypt

12.07.2019 00:14

Thanks for engaging with posts presented on PYPT

12.07.2019 15:48

Oh yay, I’m so glad he shared the post!

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12.07.2019 17:34

Oh ya, my pleasure. Stroll down the lane and good documentation of sorts for the whole thing.

13.07.2019 00:24

The area is completely gorgeous! There is so much joy radiating from these photos, proof of how happy everyone at the Block Party was to be there together. It was a gathering that meant the world to everyone I've heard from.

I think my favorite is that you were all able to prepare and share a meal together. That's a family thing and so many great memories come from laughing and talking over good food with people you care about.

Thank you for sharing your story and these awesome pictures!

12.07.2019 15:03

Thanks for engaging with posts presented on PYPT

12.07.2019 15:49

Thank you! 😎

15.07.2019 15:59

Thank you, @brisby! I’m so glad those things come through from the post and pictures. 😁

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12.07.2019 17:22

What an awesome feel good post! You guys did so much in a short space of time in the weekend and a beautiful setting to do it all in too! I absolutely agree that everyone should get out of their comfort zone every now and again because you will grow as a person and feel more confident for it!

I want and hope there are steem meet ups in the UK that I can get to. I'm meeting @cheese4ead next weekend which will be awesome. 🙂

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13.07.2019 08:17

Thanks, @nickyhavey! That’s so great you will be meeting @cheese4ead. It’s wonderful to connect with Steemians in person! I’m sure there are meetups in the UK. Let me think. Do you know @raj808 and @adetorrent? They are a couple of my super favorite UK people that come to mind!

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13.07.2019 13:06

I would like to meet a few more steemians in the flesh but don't know where to look for them! I know @pennsif had a list of who was where and active.

I know big @raj808 legend that he is and recently saw a post by @adetorrent. Will see what's what 🙂

13.07.2019 16:32

Yes, @raj808 is indeed a legend! Now if the gods would just smile upon him so he can get 100% healthy.

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13.07.2019 21:34

Yes I keep my fingers crossed for him too and send positive vibes for good health 🙂🤞

13.07.2019 22:09

Thanks for the tag @jayna

Where you guys meeting Nik? I'm guessing London. If so, I can't make it down south at the moment due to financial constraints 😔

Ha ha, if you said Manchester... Or even better Liverpool 😉 I'd be there with bells on.

13.07.2019 13:45

See? I knew you’d have the dirt. Thanks much for chiming in, @raj808.

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13.07.2019 15:47

Hey man! We'll be meeting in Oxford which is a long way from Liverpool haha! I understand about the finances... My first pay day isn't for another 6 weeks and have to be SO disciplined with spending as the funds have been drained from travelling haha!

I did get tagged in something in London but I was the other side of the world when the one last month was on. Hope there's another one coming soon. I'll follow @redrica and see if there's any news about a new meet up in the south East.

13.07.2019 16:29

Nothing set planned yet! I'm usually the only one who organizes Meetups in London, but life's been busy. I do try to get one set up every month. Will aim for something in August, most likely :)

14.07.2019 11:36

Wow you documented this meetup really well. Great to meet Steemians and just have fun. I love the town that gives a feeling that you are taken back thru time. I say you rocked this town with cool people.

13.07.2019 11:05

Thanks so much, @watersnake101! It really is a cute town. I highly recommend it as a destination.

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13.07.2019 13:26

What an awesome post, and thank you for taking us along to the block party. Honestly, I feel like I was there, your description was so detailed and vivid 🙂

Those views in the rocky mountains looked so nice. I've anyways wanted to visit there if I make it to the States again.

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13.07.2019 13:42

I certainly hope you will. It would be great to see you on this side of the pond!

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13.07.2019 21:35

So I read this a few days ago but decided to read again wow what a great time you guys all had. I love the alliance the amount of friendly kind hearted people in the alliance is so amazing and though I’ve never met a single one face to face I like to class most (the ones I’ve talked to regularly) as friends some cough @dreemsteem especially has been amazing and it’s wonderful to see her have a brilliant time at the party and it’s amazing to see what a community can do it was wonderful looking at all the photos you posted and when the next block party rolls around I hope there’s even more photos thank you so much for capturing amazing moments throughout the block party 😃

16.07.2019 21:00

Thank you so much for the great comment, @chris-the-Batman. Yes, it’s a great community. I’m still a newbie but finally getting acquainted!

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16.07.2019 21:36

Next pill hahahahha

16.07.2019 23:43

Oh my gosh... I'm JUST getting to this post now and I'm almost crying!!! You did such a fantastic job showing the trip!!!!

I can't believe how well we all got along, how much laughter there was...what a gift :)

And you...lady... Hehehehe

I was SO glad to meet you! I can't wait to see you again!!!! Lololol

I can actually see your face and hear your voice right now as I'm writing this and im giggling!

I so hope that the same crew gets to see one another next year... And MORE! :)

Deep sigh.... What a great time

Thanks for being a part of an amazing trip that I'll never forget 😍🤗

!tip 2

16.07.2019 23:50

Thank you, love! And thank you for the tip. I can hear your voice too. Isn’t it amazing what we retain and what resonates after hanging out with people who we really connect with? It’s like a piece of them is burned into our consciousness. ❤️

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18.07.2019 03:21

I just tagged you in a comment... Go check out @snook's post heheheh

18.07.2019 04:59

Hee hee!

19.07.2019 04:19
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