The futuristic world of the pixEOS Game Center

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httpkchain: pixEOS, games and art in one place.

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pixEOlockchain of EOS. You only need an EOS account to enter, take advantage and enjoy thetention.

The main mission of the pixEOS Game Center is that you can generate income while having fun. With your EOS account you can access through Scatter from your computer and if you do it through your cell phone, you caning.

  • Blockatrix 3000
  • pixEOS Paint The Arcade
  • Lucky Black Cat
  • GrandCannon
  • Finally,rs.

There is also the Paint FE (Flash Edition) obet with EOS or with e stake of thken.

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Daily PIXEOS distribution

Every day the pixEOS Game Center distributes 500,000 PIXEOS tokens among all the players who have participated.

Among the five existing arcade games, there are two ways Points.

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This is the translation of @laloretoyya's article published in Criptotendencia.

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