Only the Wealthiest are Free of the Banking System


Banksters & the Billionaires

The reason why the super rich like Jamie Dimon or Warren Buffet do not see bitcoin or bitcoin cash as currency is because they already are free or can buy their freedom. They can use fractional reserve to their advantage. Borrowing billions today expanding the supply and paying it back later when money is much cheaper. Bitcoin slows their abilities to dominate the market with their capital.

Satoshi's Vote

FED and Banksters beware! You maybe be able to expand the dollar and buy cryptocurrencies but only Satoshi has the power of market maker. With more than half a million btc/bch, Satoshi can move markets if they feel you are taking steps to control the population with bitcoin. Just a fair warning, if you use your purchasing power or take steps to manipulate there will be consequences.

The Silver Standard

Bitcoin was created to free individuals from banking system that controls the population, covertly taxes everyone through inflation & allows governments to declare constant war. You now have the power to be your own bank, save money and the value will grow. No worries about volatility, that will settle as mass adoption begins and individuals start to rely on btc/bch for daily purchases.

Don't Bother with Placing Bets on Cryptocurrencies

Be ready, be diverse. The market will choose what is best. Your faith and lobbying won't matter and it is a common mistake with individuals. Telling people to place their money in one area is a fool's play. Have fun with the technology, you are in historic times. This is an opportunity to create and build freedom for everyone in the future. Let's all hope society is responsible enough to move in that direction.

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