Stock recap Monday-Wednesday

This quite an interesting week but I'm not trading this week but here is what's going on. The only one that hasn't been closed is ROKU june 26 135 calls at 5.30. Here is the list of winners!
MSFT June 26 200 calls at 1.73 it hit 40% those who held peaked at 185% so far
AAPL June 26 365 calls at 1.89 it hit 40% those who held peaked at 375% so far
FB June 26 calls at 1.42 it hit 40%
Baba june 26 230 calls at 1.47 it hit 40% Those who held peaked at 138% so far
Trading does get frustrating when you have plenty of bad weeks and you decide to relax for one week and this happens...But what can you do!

Webull- A great place for beginners to start. Long story short if you deposit $100 within 30 days of signing up you will get 2 free stocks! Each valued from 12-1400!

Acorns - This one is more common as a good way to use your change and make it into an investment. You can choose how risky you'd like to go as well! It's a smart way to make your money work for you over time.

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