MGM! Good day.

Skipping on the Keto post for yesterday and today but I'm still doing good and not cheating.

Yesterday I had some clients cancel on me last minute so I decided why not go to MGM? I started off with 375 and withing 10 minutes I was up 150 and I was hype. I kept playing but I lost to a straight flush while I had a full house. Can you believe that? What are the ods luckily he had less than I did at the time but that left me with about 200 left. After about 2 hours of small hands slowly winning only the blinds, my time came. I flopped the nuts straight while the player to the left of me had two pair I slowed played it she kept betting and I knocked her out for 100. After this my seat was hot! I won about 3 big hands in a row. I walked in with 375 and left with 776 in 3 hours.


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