Frog legs!

I was able to travel to New York yesterday and wanted to share my experience eating something I never would have imagined. I looked at the Menu and saw Salted baked frog legs. I at first looked at it and thought to my self what is stopping me from trying new things? I debated a bit and told the waiter to submit the order.

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 4.29.54 PM.png]

Overall It was pretty decent. They drowned it in salt but the texture was just like chicken. Some areas were quite chewy but I fought through it. In the heat of the moment, I was ready to try the squid but ended up chickening out lol. If you run across the chance to try it I would recommend trying it!

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25.07.2019 21:31

Love me some frog legs! I assume you've never been frog giggin'.... Go gig some, and fry em' up yourself! It'll be fun, and there real good like that.

25.07.2019 23:54

I haven’t been frog giggin’ it does sound quite adventures. I’d just have to find out which won’t poison me lol

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26.07.2019 17:24

Bull frogs are what you want. You can find em' around water, and they sound like this. They got smooth skin. Toads have rough, warty skin. Those are poisonous, far as I know. Pretty easy to tell apart, and worse case scenario, if you're not sure, you can get a better look at em' once they're on the end of that gig pole. ;)

Happy huntin'!

26.07.2019 20:26