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I recently started to drink Black coffee daily for health benefits. I wrote about it in the past but I wanted to share some facts again!
1) Each cup is about 5 calories with no sugar, cream, milk, etc.
2) It boosts your metabolism, GREAT for weight loss!
3) Protection against cirrhosis of the liver
4) # Lowered risk of Alzheimer’s disease This is a huge fear for many and mine as well. Wanted to make sure this stood out
5) It boosts performance during workouts! Forget about pre work out this is natural and even better.
6) It prevents cavities

This is just a tiny list of things but overall it's amazing for you. Coffee companies around the world made it horrible for us adding all sorts of creams, sugar, high fructose corn syrup etc to make it unhealthy.

Take advantage of these perks below is a photo of some of the healthier drinks.
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