Become A Mentor For Teenagers

Being alive is an awesome gift that is worth more than gold. But to live is one thing, to exist is another. Since life shouldn’t be too personal, what makes life beautiful is the fact that “we” all, are alive and existent in good health and wealth. There’s no gainsaying that life has two sides, just like a coin, some are at advantage, while others are barely enjoying anything in life.

To exist in life is what makes life beautiful, not just for you by for the less privileged. In other words, you are giving your all and making deliberate contributions to see to the good of humanity. Making deliberate positive impact on humanity is one of the things that make life beautiful. If you have ever thought in this line or your desire is to see a better world then this article is just for you.

Become a mentor to teenagers; yes, this is one of the best ways to actually live a more meaningful and impactful life. The world is currently in a state or at the point where most of the antisocial acts and societal menace are attributed to the teenagers and young adults.

Your contribution to the life of these little ones would go a long way in reshaping their focus towards becoming better individuals and positive impact makers in their generation. Being a mentor is often a volunteering experience, that is, it is something you should do, just because you have a passion to see a better world, where crimes and antisocial acts are reduced to the nearest minimum.

As a mentor, you get to guide the younger ones in the right path of life as you lay good example and teach them based on your experiences. Indeed, one of the things that makes mentoring a rewarding experience is that, a confused and derailing child can be brought back on track, with his/her life redefined to him or her and the end result being a focused and visionary individual.

Perhaps, you have made certain wrong decisions in life (when you were much younger, due to the lack of guidance or adequate mentorship), and you now find yourself on the right track, you may want to consider being a mentor, to help young children who are in the “shoes you once wore”. This is just to help children make the right decisions very early in life. In addition, it is to help them lead a better life and make something meaningful out of life. The rewards of mentorship are worth more than money, the true rewards are encapsulated in the beauty that emanates from the life of a reshaped child who once saw life in another fashion.

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