Steemit Crypto Academy | Season 2: Blockchain and Platforms by @alphafx

Hello friends, i greet you all. I am so excited to be here today, to discuss with you my Season2 week1 of my home work task Give a detailed Comparison between two blockchain platforms of your choice. This homework task was given by professor @alphafx

In the homework task i try to give the various difference between Tron and Ecos platform of block chain and i also give the Similarities between the two platform of block chain base on my own understanding of the content.

Homework task
Give a detailed Comparison between two block chain platforms of your choice.


The Difference between Tron and Ecos platform of block chain are as follows

1 Tron can actively and efficiently process 200 transaction per second, it is more faster than Ecos It speed is 2000 transaction per second. It is a very fast platform of block chain. While
Ecos block chain confirmation speed is just 1.5 second. It is not too fast when compared to Tron.

2 Tron is a block chain that uses both Decentralized platform, and it also the ecosystem is smart contract friendly more than Ecos while
Ecos has a high ability to host decentralized application but it is not smart contracts friendly like Tron.

3 Tron network has a token called Tronix (TRX) which can be used to pay for content or services on the block chain while Ecos uses Delegated proof of stake (DPOS) is a voting system

4 Tron Governing body is co governance of Tron foundation and Tron community. While
• Ecos Governing body is Eosio core Abitration forun (ECAF). The both block chain platforms have different governing body.

5 Tron Token ranking is 17 while
• Ecos token ranking is 22

6 Ecos platform has a stronger security in the sense of voting system more than Tron. Since it delegated proof of stake is a voting system. they is strong security system in Ecos.

7 Ecos platform is very authentic more than Tron which means it is very reliable and original which one can build trust and confidence in.

The Similarities between Tron and Ecos platform of block chain are as follows

1 Tron they provide easy and very cheap access to the block technology it is a very fast platform yet it services are very cheap and easy to use.
• Ecos the block chain platform is absolutely free no fees are paid to use the service, yet it is very authentic. The both platforms provide a very cheap and easy services, to it users.

2 Tron consensus Algorithm is Delegated proof of stake (DPOS) also Ecos has Delegated proof of stake (DPOS) as it consensus Algorithm.

3 Tron and Ecos the both are types of block chain platforms which uses Decentralized applications. • Tron and Ecos platform of block chain both have smart contract compatibility

Conclusion thank you all for reading my Homework post of Season2 week1.

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