Announcing Contest: The Favourite Country You Like To Visit | Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest Series| Week 07

Hello friends, how are you people doing, I hope you all are doing well, i am so glad, to be here today to discuss with you base on this unique topic of the week The favorite country you like to visit

What is your dream country you will like to visit?


England, is my dream country, i will like to visit. England, is a country that is part of the United kingdom, situated of the north Western of the European mainland. The above image is the flag of England, my dream country i will like to visit.

Why do you like to visit there?

• London the capital City of England is one of the great city in the world, with many tourist destinations a lot of amazing places and sight seeing. for instance places like Tower of London, and tower bridge. I have watched it on televison it's look so beautiful and also a place like British museum i heard it have a lot of antiquities, artifact, and precious Stones like gold, diamond etc. and other beautiful places like National gallery and Covent garden are places that i will like to go an visit in London. England have good higher institution, their universities is rating among the best in the world, so i will like to go there for further studies to do my master program. example of great university in England. Oxford university and Cambridge university are of high standard.

• England is a very developed country that has a very high standard of living with good modern amenities like hospital, electricity, good road, life will be better there, and i even heard their government take care of every body including the old people, so i will like to go an enjoy better life over there.

• Since London is a develop and rich city i believe it will be filled with a lot of job opportunities just like Lagos in Nigeria that has a lot of job opportunities that is how London which is a great city will be filled with job opportunities so i will like to visit so as to work other there.

• England is part of United kingdom, which has the most stable economic, and the British pond Sterling is the highest currency in the world that means if i should have a job over there it will be much better. because i will be well paid, and the money value is higher than my country currency. I will have money to get more goods and services that i desire. that is the reason why i want to visit there.

What is the area/ section district you like to visit?

When I go to England i will like to visit London, which is the capital City, i will visit Tower bridge, city of Westminster Chelsea all in London. Other England district i will like to visit are as follows. Manchester city, i will also visit Liverpool, Cambridge, Oxford and Newcastle. I will visit Manchester city and Liverpool to watch live premier league football match in the stadium.

What are your dream places?

Cambridge is a district in England where the Cambridge university is situated, so it my dream place so that i can stay there an go to Cambridge university. Also Oxford is another place that has a good university so it my dream place further more my other dream place are Manchester city, Chelsea and Liverpool where English premier league football match usually hold they have wonderful stadium and pitch so that i can be watching live football matches.

What inspired you to visit this country?
England is my favorite country that i will like to visit. the things that inspired me are as follows
• Standard higher institution of learning, example Oxford and Cambridge are rated as one of the best in the world. so am inspired to go an study there Michael Faraday founder of electricity graduated from Cambridge university so it a good school.
• England premier league football match is the most view in the world so am inspired to go to Manchester city, Chelsea and Liverpool to watch live football match on the stadium, to see top football stars. especially the ones in Liverpool football club.
• Also am inspired to go to England because of job opportunities and their stable economic.
• Besides England as part of United kingdom and the largest country in the UK colonized alot of country including United States of America and my country Nigeria. so am inspired to go an see that great country and even see queen Elizabeth de second.and prince Charles and Willam and take a photo with the whole royal family.

With whom you like to visit?

I will like to visit with my parents and siblings for vacation. but if am going there to study I will like to go with my best friends Deborah akpan and Elizabeth odey.

How much budget you are willing to spend if you visit?

€ 1000000 that is one million pounds. That is a very huge sum of money when compared to naira. I budgeted that so that it can cover for all my expenses and how long I intend to stay.

How long you like to spend in the particular country?

If I am going there for vacation i won't really stay long just three months will be okay. But if i am going there for tourist purposes i will stay just two weeks.and if am going there for studying like master program i will stay for 2 years finally if i am going there to work i will stay for long like 10 years above so as to make good money that I will use to build my dream home and buy my dream car.

What are the hotel you will like to spend time?

England as a country have a lot of unique hotels especially London as it capital city, I will like to spend time in some hotels such as follows Britania international hotel, Double tree by Hilton hotel London, Tower suit by orchid, etc. The above image is the hotel i will like to spend time. It called Britannia international hotel canary wharf London.

Conclusion thank you all for reading my post i appreciate.

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I would love to visit London someday. That's a very informative post. Good job.

13.04.2021 10:17

Yeah Im agree with you ,There are such a beautiful places to visit 😍😍

13.04.2021 15:51