What list of users do you wish existed?

This is a picture from early fall last year up near Mount Nebo, on the Nebo loop highway.


But the post is about getting feedback from people

THEME: IF a certain Steem Interface were to create a certain cool new feature that helped connect people, identify people by interests, help content discovery etc etc...
... Well if that sort of hypothetical feature existed what kind of list would you wish existed?


A while back https://steempeak.com/ made private organizable lists.
I know I've loved creating them and visiting the feeds for those users from time to time.

I've had people ask for some of my lists... well...


What if there was a way for users to create specially curated and thematic lists of users?
And perhaps for them to have tons of extra functionality...

Well tell us what kinds of lists you're most interested in.


Let's pretend a certain site has something up their sleeves
... and let's pretend someone who's willing to create/curate an awesome list right now get's Early Free Access

Let's play with that idea and tell me if you're interested in having a creative list and keeping it up to date.
Or just tell us what kind of list of users do you wish existed.

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08.02.2020 21:14

I would be interested in these public lists, like:

  • character - accounts that do a bit, e.g.: operated by a fictional character
  • subversive - those who advocate political tomfoolery
  • on-cnn - accounts that have been on CNN
  • aggregator - accounts tend to mostly reblog, they're almost like feeds themselves
  • services - represent products and/or services, not necessarily blockchain-based
  • financial - financially literate

A really nice future feature would be a way to intersect multiple lists. E.g., an aggregator that is financial. Or subtract multiple lists. E.g., a service that is not on-cnn.

08.02.2020 21:52

Yes... loving the ideas!!

08.02.2020 22:03
  • YOUTUBERS - Speaking of "on-cnn" maybe a list of all the users that are also youtubers (or various levels of youtube-ness... "Youtubers - 10k Club")
    ... Or twitter Or Reddit
  • Speaking of financial how about a list of those who talk just about BTC, EOS or TELOS (cough @ackza cough... time to work on a list)
    This way we can get different blockchain communities over here and seeing there are plenty of users who love talking about their chains.
08.02.2020 22:08

Hello @jarvie! I love using steempeak! 🌄 :-)
• Lists for - photo contests, locations- where people are, and rocks!
There are two things that would also be fantastic to have on steempeak.
• Ability to resize the create a post box and the comments box.
To be able to stretch those areas where we type posts and comments.
• Timestamp on posts and comments needs to keep real time
without having to reload the page to see current time.

08.02.2020 23:26

We were working on some of that comment box resizing and maybe some of it is implemented on beta.steempeak.com already

09.02.2020 01:54

We were working on some of that comment box resizing and maybe some of it is implemented on beta.steempeak.com already

09.02.2020 01:54

How about lists by country / region / state?

So I could for example have a list of all active UK Steemians (c 80).

Would there be a way to copy / split lists?
For example if a UK list got too big it could be split into England, Wales, Scotland etc.

It would be useful if these lists were available for public sharing.

I have been manually compiling such lists for @steemclub-uk - but a smarter way to do this would be good.

This also makes me think how this might be utilised / developed further for organising and promoting local meetups...

09.02.2020 00:36

@tipu curate

09.02.2020 00:47
09.02.2020 00:47

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09.02.2020 07:19

Private lists
I'd add the option to make the shareable, either publicly or privately. The idea I think of is through a link, which in case of privately sharing works for a specific account. On clicking the link, the lists would be imported to the account on SteemPeak, but not replace existing lists.

Public lists
I need more time to think about this. Inertia made some great suggestions.

09.02.2020 09:14

Two lists for #photography:

  • Enthusiasts
  • Pros
09.02.2020 21:59

I've thought about doing one for "Full Time Photographers"
However I don't know many of them that are active on Steem. haha
I'd like to have like 5-10 to start. I know @scottshots and @derekkind are

Maybe @intrepidphotos @adonisabril @ansharphoto are as well.

Maybe someone should do a badge for PRO... the issue is how to determine pro i guess. Full time is easier to determine i suppose.

11.02.2020 17:59

full time might be better, but what for the non-fulltimers?
There were tiers in some contests; participants mostly chose for themselves. This could also work for the pro badge.
This is one of the most complicated divisions in photography.

Pros/Full time photographers? I'll keep it in mind when browisng. But I guess there is no way around @axeman.

11.02.2020 18:25

What about community curation lists? Curators could push posts or whole users into the list and if someone wants to see, for example, memes, a group of meme curators could push all the meme creators into it, meme posts and maybe even a tag or two with certain filter requirements such as bigger votes than X.

11.02.2020 16:01

Public lists are of USERS and so if you have users that post mostly that subject then it would fulfill a similar role.

You can see it at work with the photography badge. https://beta.steempeak.com/b/badge-777777

There is perhaps ways to FILTER the feeds coming from badges. For example maybe a button or a page inside the badge that filters down the results to just a list of approved keywords or just one ... Exmaple set) #photography #photofeed #landscapephotography #weddingphotography

11.02.2020 17:36

Alright. I could test some curation, maybe make a list of dream journals and other categories that interest me.

I don't have contact with people atm because of Discord technical problems, so I can't know of anyone else.

I'm also interested in making parallel curations like the front-page ocd/curie/c-squared. My initial idea was this one: Steempeak would allow someone to input a url into a "get from this API endpoint". Steempeak client would then request that url and get a list of permlinks (either json or simply separated by a \n). Then there would be a Custom Feeds tab where, apart from the "input custom feed URL" text box, there would also be squares with featured lists that are submitted for review and approved.

This would improve the way lists work by allowing people to make their own lists with their own filtering parameters. They could throw posts in there, whole authors, tags, etc., and all it would cost Steempeak is one request to a list of posts, and then proceeding as usual by requesting the information from Steem.

11.02.2020 18:07

yes we'll tag @asgarth to let him know that I'm likely gonna add a ticket for the ability to allow the badge owner to define how the feed is to be filtered and what topics are allowed on the badge feed. We don't have to change the ALL-FEED just create another tab that filters the feed... and maybe let the badge owner default to that page.

11.02.2020 21:26

Cool, that sounds awesome! :)

And sign me up on the badge thingy, I want to try it out! :D

11.02.2020 22:49

Like you'd like to make one? Propose an idea of what kind of badge you'd create.

11.02.2020 23:01
  1. dream journals
  2. memes and shitposts
  3. short stories, freewrites and flash fiction

Those are the ideas I have. I'd create either one or all of them.

11.02.2020 23:13