What I have learned lately on steemit | Power-up by @jaofran

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Its indeed a day of knowledge. I was wondering where is the source of the currencies in this platform? There are many comments I've read and articles from different writers but when I read about the articles of @traderpaw @bisayakalog @jes88 about Power ups I was amazed how Steemit survive.

Last 2018, it was my first step on this platform. Suddenly, there's a big decrease on the value of Steem and one of the reasons I stop for a while after someone used my account. But even before, I have a big thanksgiving to the community whatever happened.

Now, I have understand the need to Power-Up. It means giving back to the platform. Powering up is transferring the currency STEEM to STEEM POWER . By powering up, I can increase my power to post,resteem, comment and to vote at the same time I am helping the community to stay in its place and even making it more stable.

Now, I want to share how did I make Power-Up with my 3 STEEM received from @olesia, by the way thanks to you.


Steps in Powering Up

  • Click WALLET
  • 2nd Choose arrow down in your Steem and click Power Up.
  • 3rd Write the value of the steem that you'll transfer. Then click Power Up


  • 4th Confirm transfer to vesting
  • 5th Type your username and the active key password


  • 6th Check your Steem Power if increases and the History of your wallet.


3 Steem is may be small, but I want to do my part as steemians and make it a habit. For now, 3 STEEM is a good accomplishment to me. Now that I know, I will continue the legacy and continue steeming.

Thank you @promosteem.com community for always encouraging us to discover new things about steemit. Days are still longer and many things need to know. But as for now, let me enjoy this opportunity that I can share to others on how I did power up.

Its been a nice experience sharing this to the whole world readers. I also challenge @jes88 @jufranketchup and @steemitcebu to share their own experience,too.

Best regards to all,

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Congratulations...!!! You Got Upvote
By: PromoSteem Community

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01.06.2021 18:36

Powerup is the future, it is certainly the way to go for sustainable growth

01.06.2021 20:42