Floral cages of floral caravans

Floral cages of floral caravans

For about a year and a half
Every friday
Musical Caravan
At some school or college
Of Pakistan
Time is running out between the faces, praise be to Allah.

Every friday
To your future builders
Five 5 invitations are given.

1- Become Allah's Messenger and Messenger of Allah (PBUH).

2- Become your parent.

3- Become one of your teachers.

4- Become your guardian.

5- Become Pakistan, become Pakistan ...

It was the first Friday of Musaz's journey,
in which
The servant was absent because of breakfast
Allah is dear
Muhammad Taha Khan
To welcome
I had a duty ...

Professor Shakir Khan,
Mohammad Tariq Iqbal Khan Niazi
And contractor Shafiullah Khan Swansea
Mosaic caravan continued
Government Elementary School in Mastiwala
We all became believers.


Our Courses Are Settled -
Our offspring live on

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