!sdrawkcab gnidaer ta era uoy doog woh ees ot knil siht kcilC

What..you can't read that?
They say you're pretty darn smart if you can read backwards. How'd you do? lol..

Nah, actually reading backwards isn't a measure of intelligence so don't worry about it if you couldn't do it.

Here's the message if you can't figure it:

Click this link to see how good you are at reading backwards!


I'm sure most of you read it in no time. It's actually one of the ways to keep your brain sharp. Here's another one:

Are you starting to get it? Here's what it says:

I am smart and most people like me. Those who can't read this are not very smart.

For a long time scientists thought people were stuck with whatever IQ they were born with but recently they've discovered that IQ can indeed be increased. So there's hope for you after all sir @smithlabs! lol.

Not just an increase in IQ but significant increases. First of all, a person has to take care of themselves or they ain't gonna get much smarter no matter what they do.

That means lots of good sleep, good nutrition, and regular physical exercise.


After that one of the main ways to increase intelligence is to learn and discover new things and do things you've never done before. Here's a few suggestions:

  • Do chores or common tasks blindfolded. This actually creates new neural pathways in the brain.
  • Use your non-dominant hand. If you're right-handed use your left hand for things you normally do with your right hand. It's a great brain exerciser.
  • Eat with chopsticks. If you can already do this, use your non-dominant hand.
  • Look at things upside down or backwards. Like reading backwards. Start wearing your watch upside down. Hang clocks and calendars upside down. Write backwards! These things really challenge your mind.
  • Read books out loud. This engages the imagination in a different way than just reading silently. Tests show that 3 regions of the brain light up when reading out loud.
  • Take new routes on your regular commute. On a routine commute, your brain is on autopilot and gets no stimulation. That's why sometimes when you arrive you can't even remember the drive. You zone out.

    • But taking a new way activates the cortex and hippocampus and puts your brain on high alert.
    • Try new things. Do things that are opposite of your personality. For instance if you're a couch potato get out and join a gym or dance class. Travel. Go camping. Experience new things. Get a hobby.
    Try building complex Lego models like the great sir @galenkp!

    • Strive for higher levels. Once you master something, challenge yourself with the next level of difficulty and that will keep challenging your brain. Two great examples are learning a new language and playing a musical instrument.
    • Ditch the smart phone and do things the old fashioned way like figuring math and writing by hand.


    Of course my top recommendation is to join Steemit! My IQ has to have jumped since joining and being forced to learn everyday on such a great variety of subjects. Is that what you guys think?

    Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!

    PS- Ok guys, brain teasers are also very good for your brain so I have to include one here! This is an easy one.

    In the drawing of cows below, a dog is hidden among them but it will be easy to find because dogs don't have horns, right? lol.


    Actually this one is so embarrassingly easy I probably should have found another one because y'all are so dang smart but just in case someone wants to start at the beginner level this will work.

    Here's a filler photo so you don't accidentally look at the answer in case you want to do this on your own:


    lol..okay here's the answer:


    PPS- If y'all have some Bitcoin you can earn about 12% each month IN BITCOIN by using this wallet. With the price of Bitcoin on the rise the potential is quite extraordinary. You can check them out here.


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14.01.2020 19:11

I didn't know you can increase your IQ. Good article! And I'll check out that bitcoin earning wallet.
@tipu curate

Posted using Partiko Android

14.01.2020 19:12

It's like sit-ups for your brain! Genius! What made you look into this odd fact?

Posted using Partiko Android

14.01.2020 19:20

Great article - at this stage with getting ready for school I am glad to see my brain is still working hahaha

14.01.2020 19:27

You had me for a minute I thought you had started learning Klingon lol. But then I worked it out, my Grandma always called me treboR

Posted using Partiko iOS

14.01.2020 19:28

Haha! Now THAT would be another great brain workout, learning Klingon! lol. That's great sir c0ff33a, I'm glad you liked it. With a title like that I didn't know if anyone would open it!

15.01.2020 02:01

Some good tips! I have also heard one that said to put on your socks while standing up it helps with balance and challenges the brain and body more than just sitting down.

14.01.2020 19:54

Howdy sir simms50! Oh I hate to stand up while putting on socks but I bet you're right. Now I gotta do that one! lol. Did you do the brain teaser?

15.01.2020 02:09

Very entertaining! Good tips on how to increase our IQ. Thanks!

14.01.2020 20:37

Howdy sir kaminchan! I am sure that you do not need any help in that area, I bet you have lots of brain stimulation already!

15.01.2020 02:19

Not enough brain stimulation for my requirement! BTW, this time I could relate to cows and dogs: 3 seconds, very easy!

After I realised what you were talking about reading backward. (I take more time understanding words). I could read those sentences backward straightaway! This is funny!
It seems that my brain has to decode the meaning in written words first, which takes a bit of time! Iā€™m better with geometric shapes and patterns.

Have a nice day!

15.01.2020 03:40

Three seconds! Very easy...well there ya go sir kaminchan, another brilliant steemian! Very interesting about the reading backwards too. As soon as you understood it you mastered it instantly!

15.01.2020 03:58

I never finished high school so have trouble reading at all, least of all backwards...I don't know how I get through day to day life to be honest. Lol.

14.01.2020 23:09

Ha! That's a little hard to believe sir galenkp. I think your brain power overcame anything you missed in HS!

15.01.2020 02:31

Probably...I wasn't the ideal student though. Things moved too slowly for me.

15.01.2020 03:49

And these days they'd have you on all kinds of medication wouldn't they? They sure would here!

15.01.2020 17:58

Haha, yeah anti-backwards-reading-pills...I saw them at Chemist Warehouse only last week! Lol.

15.01.2020 22:46

lol..good one sir galenkp!

16.01.2020 01:23

I see people post these on FB quite a bit. Here's one that was in the editorial cartoons I do every week on a blog site....it took me a minute because for some reason I thought the message leaned towards something sarcastically political....lol....at first I even though it might be backwards then looked at the bottom, seen this year and figured it wasn't a political sight joke.


15.01.2020 00:39

Howdy sunlit7! I don't get this one, what is it?

15.01.2020 03:39

Usually in political cartoons it will have a party affiliate sitting at the eye doctors office with words written on the eye chart that whomever is sitting in the seat see's differently or has difficulty with messaging....here's another example...


....the one I posted to you wasn't politically aligned it was a general overall message of what most are missing in our current political climate...

Kindness and mutual respect this year

15.01.2020 15:32

Oh my gosh as soon as you know what it says it stands out and it's easy but I never saw it until you gave it to me! lol. Very interesting.

15.01.2020 21:28

So, you reckon your IQ has gone up a notch since joining Steem? Good for you!

15.01.2020 04:04

Gone up a lot sir Vincent! It has to have just by reading your posts! Hasn't yours or were you already too smart to be here?

15.01.2020 17:59

Howdy Jonboy. Well, it has to be then. No, I am here to raise the IQ of the people like you on Steem. šŸ˜Ž šŸ˜

16.01.2020 02:49

Well then, your service is highly appreciated sir Vincent! There should be some kind of reward for such good work.

16.01.2020 16:39

Oh yes, my reward is that Jonboy is smarter now. šŸ˜‚

17.01.2020 02:39

Very noble and honorable of you sir Vincent, thank you!

17.01.2020 03:26

I am the dumbest son that I know Sir @janton, but I have no problem reading backwards. But then again, I read a lot so maybe that could be the reason.
Some good exercises mentioned here!

15.01.2020 20:56

You are probably already doing all the exercises sir papilloncharity! The big question is..would you dress up like a Cinnamon Roll if you were desperate for a job? lol.

16.01.2020 01:19

Of course I would Sir @janton how do you know me?

16.01.2020 19:47

Haha..I probably would dress up like one too if it was the only way to get food!

17.01.2020 02:44

The way to be my friend.

17.01.2020 19:09

I hate reading.... Only cuz too many millions of miles. That have destroyed my eyesight.... Ok, that and old age.

But i got it fairly quickly. I have always been good at reading, and speed reading. The retention part, remembering what was read.... Not so good. Unless it is something that highly interests Me.

17.01.2020 03:14

Oh, very impressive sir krazzytrukker! I think the hardest part is retention for sure but at least that's not an age thing because I've always had a hard time with retention. Where you at?

17.01.2020 03:28

Def. On the retention.... Cuz i told you where i was.... LoL

Just kidding. I am home since this afternoon. And leaving for Temple TX. Friday evening.

Where You at.... The Jonboy Batcave.?

Do You have an office setup, or just a desk in the kitchen like Me..?


17.01.2020 03:47

Oh, I like that set up, not far from the food. I have a desk in a spare bedroom but someday I'd like to get a real office. Your office is usually in the cab!

17.01.2020 04:30

I am gonna start increasing my i.q. 2 maro.....

By driving blindfolded.

Left handed.

With chopsticks

Standing on my head.

Singing show tunes out loud..... Lmao

And I stayed at a Holiday inn express last night..... "Smart... Very Smart"

17.01.2020 03:19

lol...that's hilarious sir krazzytrukker! Oh, I didn't know you did that, were the cats with you?

17.01.2020 04:26

I got the dog.... Damn Bunnies.

17.01.2020 03:20

Well maybe you're sharper than you think sir krazzytrukker. Maybe drivin has helped in that way somehow.

17.01.2020 04:28

So dyslexia is good for something, at least...

17.01.2020 22:22

Howdy sir fotosdenada! Does that help someone read backwards?

18.01.2020 03:11

Howdy Janton! Time for coffee, laundry and catching up with your clever posts, lol.

But where do I start? You covered so much in this one post and it was all fun! I can actually read backwards, lol. And yes, to find the dog was easy. But what about the Bitcoin?! Maybe I should convert 1000 of my Steem power to Bitcoin, lol. Unfortunately I wouldn't get much for that, lol. But good to know, thanks!

18.01.2020 17:37

Howdy Miss Lena! Yes, that post got a little long. Steem should start going up in price this year if all the altcoins are following Bitcoin. It better know what it's supposed to do! lol..

yeah bitcoin is too expensive for the regular person to buy but just buying a little and earning on it as it goes up in price is the way to go with this brokerage that I like and link to.

You can literally create a passive income over time and take advantage of the sky-rocketing price of Bitcoin at the same time.

18.01.2020 18:20

I believe that for sure, the only problem I have no money to invest. At least not yet. However, if Steem would go up I could convert some to Bitcoin, so I hope you are right and Steem will go up.

18.01.2020 19:36

Yes that is the problem most of us face. If Steem starts going up I'll be justified in spending so much time here. If not I'll look like an idiot. lol.

18.01.2020 21:33

It's always good to have a back up plan!

19.01.2020 17:35

Yes I need one. Right now we have no idea if Steem is going to make us good money. I know lots of people who are just on here because they enjoy it, are you one of them?

20.01.2020 01:01

Yes I am! But I need to make money as well, lol.

20.01.2020 18:59

Yeah that was a bad way to ask the question..I should have asked are you here only because you enjoy it? But now I know anyway so you answered perfectly! lol.

20.01.2020 23:50

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