Man Is Gobsmacked When He Finds A Treasure Hidden In His $4 Flea Market Purchase

This cat was so shocked because he wasn't looking for anything valuable, he only bought the ugly, $4 painting because it had a nice frame. (He requested that his identity remain anonymous so we don't know his name).

When he got it home he went to remove the cheap painting from the frame but the frame fell apart in his hands and was unusable. However, he noticed a folded-up paper that was between the painting and the wood backing.

When he unfolded the paper he found that it was a copy of The Declaration Of Independence.


He kept it because he thought it was an interesting curiosity piece but when a friend of his saw it and got excited, the friend urged him to take it to a professional.

That's when he called Sotheby's antique auction house and when the experts saw it they knew it was a fantastic original printing from 1776 and in excellent condition.

The story of the first printing

When the Declaration was signed on July 4th, 1776, the original document was given to printer John Dunlap and he printed off about 200 copies to spread the news of America's independence to the 13 colonies.

Of these first printings there are only 25 known copies that exist today and the $4 copy was one of them!


Sotheby's estimated it's worth at about a million dollars but at auction it sold for $2,422,000.00! The person who bought it sold it at auction 9 years later for 8 million dollars!

I love these types of stories because the wealth happens to these people totally by accident.

It's not like they're out there with their metal detectors everyday looking for treasure, it always takes them by complete surprise. lol. And it can happen to any of us!


Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!



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A fantastic win for this man, and these wins are never by chance. If only ..........

30.11.2019 21:06

If only you would be favored by fate or something or someone to have this type of thing happen to you? lol. It's enough to make me want to start visiting flea markets again!

30.11.2019 21:48

For added laughs people probably have better odds if they looked around for old hidden treasures then they do spending their money on lottery

30.11.2019 23:15

I'm sure that's true sunlit7, great point!

01.12.2019 03:18

I know what you mean, I would too even though I am not a real fan of these markets.

01.12.2019 01:19

Yes because you just never know!

01.12.2019 03:06


02.12.2019 05:25

Great story!

30.11.2019 22:47

I agree, I love these things, and I like flea markets and such things, do you?

01.12.2019 03:07

Pretty cool story. Can you imagine if the guy didn't buy it and it was simply thrown away for being a piece of junk? Now it is preserved. Funny how things work out sometimes. Also good for the two people who sold it and made some money.

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30.11.2019 23:36

Yes sir, what an investment that turned out to be! And you never know when such a thing could happen to you. Well, you have go to second hand stores and flea markets and such, do you guys do that?

01.12.2019 03:20

WOW! Incredible!
I would of kept it. I would of had it reframed and hung up on my wall. Seriously, something like this is priceless!

01.12.2019 00:23

Yeah if it increased in value to 8 million in 9 years what would it be worth in 20 years?

01.12.2019 03:28

I'm going to say around 20 million. Even still I wouldn't sell it.

01.12.2019 04:13

You'd leave it in the family Rainbow Man?

01.12.2019 05:45

Yes I would :-).

06.12.2019 18:12

That's very wise Rainbow Man. Make it a family heirloom.

07.12.2019 02:10

Wow, it's really incridible win for the guy.

01.12.2019 03:46

Howdy thefurious! I agree and he wasn't even trying to find something valuable!

01.12.2019 05:42

I better go and have a look at all my pictures and see if there is anything hidden between them and the frame.

01.12.2019 04:50

Yes! Hey do you have any older ones that you bought or they all yours and you are just kidding?

01.12.2019 05:48

Just kidding, can't you tell, by now! 😀

01.12.2019 06:58

oh. No, I thought you might have a bunch of old paintings! lol.

01.12.2019 15:43

Wow! This must have been rather exciting for the person who discovered this document. How fortunate that he didn't disregard it and throw it away. LOve to read about these success stories.

01.12.2019 05:59

I do too Trudee. I know these are fluff pieces but I still like them, I'm a sap for feel-good stories, especially these days when the news we get on the tv or radio is all bad!

01.12.2019 15:22

I agree with your sentiments regarding the news. It's refreshing to read something positive for a change.

03.12.2019 02:58

Howdy today Trudee! Well said. Are you posting this week and how is the weather there, are you in summer?

03.12.2019 03:08

Yes we certainly are in summer, it has hit with a vengeance. I'm looking forward to winter

03.12.2019 03:29

Exactly. You guys cut back on your outdoor outings because of the severe heat?

03.12.2019 17:51

Howdy steemitboard and thanks for the upvote and keeping all those stats!

01.12.2019 21:40

Howdy steem-plus and thanks for the upvote!

01.12.2019 21:41

Holy moley! Can you imagine! Kinda makes you want to snatch up everything you find at yard sales, doesn't it?

01.12.2019 20:46

It sure does! I would be buying things that looked like they might have a chance of being valuable. I like yard sales and flea markets because you never know what you'll find, do you?

01.12.2019 21:42

Wow 👌

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04.12.2019 12:54

Wow, quite the stroke of luck for that fella!

06.12.2019 04:33

Well howdy silvergoldbotty! I agree, and it could happen to any of us. Thanks so much for commenting!

06.12.2019 17:28

I'm with @hippie-with-a-gun, I would have wanted to keep it, and having been a Certified Picture Framer in Florida, it would now be archivally framed in a distinct place of honor, most likely lent to a museum.

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06.12.2019 16:16

Howdy cresendooofpeace! That is very interesting and very wise too. You worked at a frame shop where people would bring in photos and paintings to frame?

06.12.2019 18:38

I did indeed, I first worked in a couple of shops owned by other people, and ultimately opened my own studio and gallery, which I ran for a number of years.

I enjoyed it a lot while I did it, but it's not a business I miss, just due to the massive labor involved.

Though one of the things I found most interesting was the stories behind the things people brought in to frame. Fascinating histories.

08.12.2019 04:03

Oh I bet that part of the business was so fascinating! I hope you sold the business and made a profit when you had to get out of it.

08.12.2019 17:24

Unfortunately, I was rear-ended by a car, and had to close my business due to health reasons, and so was unable to sell it as I was the business.

C'est la vie. I had a good time while I was in it, learned a lot, and was able to pass my knowledge on to many more. Life is good.

09.12.2019 01:52

Oh that's a wonderful attitude crescendoofpeace, God bless you. Did the other driver's insurance company pay a decent settlement?

09.12.2019 04:01

I didn't get a cash settlement, but his insurance company did pay for me to have chiropractic care and massage therapy for a full year, which ended up with my back and overall health being better than it was before I got hit. So I definitely lucked out in the end.

11.12.2019 05:51

Oh I'm glad that the insurance company did the right thing, so many times you hear horror stories of them refusing to pay anything! So you don't have any lasting effects from that accident?

11.12.2019 22:23

I've had back trouble since my late teens due to a boating accident, and spending multiple years doing picture framing on concrete floors took their toll as well, along with being a generally active teen and adult.

But, although I still have intermittent issues, and my new chiropractor could tell pretty much immediately that I'd had whiplash at some point, overall my range of motion is quite good, and my pain level is usually pretty low. Thank God I learned the value of yoga and stretching early on.

So, at 61 now, I really can't bitch, as I have a number of younger friends who are in far worse shape than I am. Life is wonderful, and getting better, better and better.

14.12.2019 05:07

Oh I love this comment! lol..howdy tonight crescendoofpeace. So stretching and yoga have kept your back in shape, basically. Is that right? Do you tell your friends how you've managed to do so well despite the earlier damages?

14.12.2019 23:54

The majority of my friends know that I'm into natural healing, yoga and meditation.

And, of course, not having kids has also helped to keep me young. ;-)

15.12.2019 03:11

Howdy today crescendoofpeace! We're about 35 minutes North of Dallas. I think Paris is only an hour away. Did he move to TN or did you move from Texas? I love TN.

15.12.2019 23:31

Neither, actually, he moved to L.A. after WWII, so that he could attend the USC School of Music on the GI Bill. That's where I was born and raised, then moved to Florida in my mid-twenties, which is where I met my husband, who's originally from Poland.

I've never lived in Texas, though I did think of buying a house there after I split from my ex, though unfortunately I found out that my great-grandfather's house in Honey Grove went up for sale right after someone had already made an offer on it. C'est la vie.

My husband and I looked for property literally from coast to coast, and finally made an offer on the place where we live now, moving here in November, 2011. He wanted seasons and I wanted acreage. ;-)

16.12.2019 08:39

Oh how interesting now you guys are out in the country? FL is great but just too dang hot and humid for my tastes.

16.12.2019 16:48

I can relate, though Middle Tennessee is frigging COLD, and I'm ready for warmth again.

One thing about being a Sunbelt baby, I was usually putting in my main garden in the fall, and having everything come to a complete STOP this time of year, is just not natural to me.

I want to live again where I can garden year round. If I need to build multiple greenhouses here, I can deal with that, but LET ME BUILD THEM!!!

And FENCE OUT THE FRIGGING DEER. I am sick to death of them breaking my fruit tree branches, not to mention just breaking the tree trunks themselves.

I love deer, but I want them OUT OF MY ORCHARD!!!

17.12.2019 23:39

Oh so you would rather move South again..what does your husband think about that? I understand what you're saying for sure. Have you tried any type of fencing yet?

18.12.2019 03:26

Lucky dude indeed, sometimes in life you don’t need to stress, good things just barge into your life and you have no choice but to accepted them with your hands wide open. From grass to grace the lucky dude went and it’s amazing how this life works.

10.12.2019 04:44

Howdy there dylanmcmiller and welcome to Steemit! Where are you located? I like that phrase "from grass to grace!"

10.12.2019 17:11

Thank you very much Janton, I’m from the USA Minnesota to be precise. How about you? And of course the story perfectly suits the phrase from grass to grace. That should have just been the caption.

10.12.2019 17:48

Howdy again dylanmcmiller! guys are having snow yet? I'm in North Texas.

10.12.2019 21:29

Of course it’s snowing down here already it’s below 0 degree. How’s it down there at North Texas?

10.12.2019 21:37

We've been in the 60's and 70's but today and tomorrow it's in the high 40's so everyone thinks it's freezing cold! lol.

10.12.2019 22:34

Lol I totally understand man. But in general I love the weather. Do you?

10.12.2019 22:37