I Think I'll Get Me One Of Them Zero-Gravity Homes

You know, to impress my friends. Well, after I make friends. It'd be fun to freak em out.

Some writers call them zero-gravity homes but actually the more accurate description is Cantilevered homes.

Here's one of my favorites...I thought this one was located in the Great Plains of the U.S. but it's actually in Denmark in the Sand Dunes. I didn't know Denmark had sand dunes but anyway, check this out:


It takes some advanced engineering that I don't understand but I'd love to see the schematics of the foundation. This is in the sand dunes, must be bedrock under there.

The cantilevered homes are becoming somewhat of a trend in elite home designs, especially for homes with a view of oceans or mountains.

Here's an interesting one in Chile. I've never seen a balcony without a railing before!


Good luck getting insurance.


Here's one beside one of the Great Lakes, U.S.


Hey, there's a hole in the floor!


This mountain home has gorgeous views. I don't know why there's a girl laying beside the driveway though. lol.


Australia has lots of these, this one is in New South Wales:


I just wanted to show the inside because I like that spiral staircase:


Texas has a few, this one is in Austin but I don't think it'll win any beauty contests:


And here's a few more that caught my eye:


Look at that swimming pool!


Many of them use the house as a car port:


This one is pretty impressive:


Don't ask how much this one costs:


Hey I could do that with storage containers, no biggie.


And here's the ultimate cliff home in Australia. The carport is on top:


You get to the levels by an elevator and yes it does have a bathroom but I don't know how they work the plumbing. The designs for each room can be found here

Needless to say, the views are like nothing else.


I wonder if you can get over your fear of heights by living in one of these homes?


In our part of Texas we don't have any mountains or cliffs but I'd love to have a home similar to these with a fantastic view(except the last one), what do you guys think?

Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!


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Some lovely designs here Sir @janton and it must be great to have those views every day.

05.01.2020 20:06

Yes sir, I can see them on the coast of South Africa facing the ocean or up in those mountains that you show us!

06.01.2020 02:19

Thanks for showing me ideas for when Steem moons! ahah

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05.01.2020 22:25

Ha! Yes Ma'am there are some beauties here and it might take Steem mooning for most of us to get one!

06.01.2020 02:26

you don't need a insurance, if you're an elite with an elite house..

anyways.. they look waaaaay too clunky and squary for my taste.. :D

06.01.2020 00:53

Howdy there luegenbaron! I suppose the wealthy don't need insurance huh? Good point and I agree, some of these are too clunky and blocky for me too!

06.01.2020 02:30

glad we agree :D

06.01.2020 02:38

Hi janton, imagine all your new friends wanting to stay at your new place balanced on the boulders overlooking the ocean? Please give me your address, I will be there with bells on.

06.01.2020 02:17

Haha! I will do that when it happens. I'll invite all my steemian friends and see if anyone shows up besides you!

06.01.2020 17:32

I hope that there are a couple that will come. Just imagine the chats, laughter and clinking of glasses.

06.01.2020 23:03

I agree, there are so many smart and wonderful people here. It would be a blast!

07.01.2020 03:57

If this was in Australia there'd be a pile of orange flags, cones and bunting around that balcony...He'd have a hi-viz vest on, a hard hat, steel-toe boots and three other blokes there to watch him stand there, in case he falls off...Safety first. Lol.

Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 2.51.36 pm.png

Looks like an incident report waiting to be written.

06.01.2020 04:24

Haha! Safety first is a good model to follow. I know over here the government goes overboard and a little ridiculous in some safety areas but I reckon it's better than no regulations but your examples is hilarious!

That photo kinda gives me the creeps.

06.01.2020 17:58

It's out of control here, especially road safety for the roadside workers. I get it, they are on the road with cars but they impose some fairly stringent restrictions for the most minor of road-side jobs. Safety is important, but it's becoming a little bit extreme and, of course, adds to the cost of any sort of work being conducted.

06.01.2020 20:46

Exactly. Government is so good at over regulating things to death!

07.01.2020 02:16

Why would a hermit like you need a place like that to impress friends you don't have. You should look for a cave. 😊

06.01.2020 05:17

lol..well some of these zero gravity houses are isolated so that would fit me and as far as friends, it could happen some day! If nothing else I could invite the steemit network and maybe somebody would show up. Might have to have them bring their own beer though because I heard some of them drink like fish!

07.01.2020 01:19

Ah, so you have everything thought out. Good for you. lol

07.01.2020 03:10

Well yes. someone needs to have everything figured out!

07.01.2020 16:14

You couldn't pay me enough to live in any of these homes! I know we just began a new decade which to me fells like Star Wars, but these homes make me feel like it is the year 2050. You gave me a good laugh with this Jonboy! LOL!

Hey I could do that with storage containers, no biggie

06.01.2020 06:35

I could! lol..thanks for appreciating my attempt at humor. So the heights of some of these aren't the problem? It's the looks of them? The ones on the edge of a cliff wouldn't bother you?

07.01.2020 01:33

Did you forget that I am afraid of heights? I can't get passed the 2nd step of a ladder. That is why I said you can;t pay me enough to live in any of these homes. LOL!

07.01.2020 21:27

Oh I forgot, yes. Okay well we'll have to figure out some other type of fabulous home for you then. Something with a year-round greenhouse, dome, or garden type of thing!

07.01.2020 21:30

Oh, that would be perfect!!!

07.01.2020 21:33

It's possible too. Steem just has to get to $10,000. lol.

08.01.2020 01:43

Then you could spin out into space!!

06.01.2020 08:36

Haha! Howdy sir kaminchan! These homes look like are from outer space!

07.01.2020 01:34

In Oz, near me.


06.01.2020 08:37

Oh very cool riverflows, that's quite magnificent! Thanks for sharing this.

06.01.2020 17:31

Howdy there steem-plus! Thanks so much for the upvote!

07.01.2020 01:36

Not really my taste in homes but why not! The last one hanging off a cliff definitely not for me. πŸ˜‚ Great views from some of the homes. One drawback would be the stairs one has to climb to get in the door.

06.01.2020 13:31

Howdy redheadpei! I know, these are definitely not for the normal person. lol. That one hanging off the cliff has an elevator to go to each level which might be kind of cool.

07.01.2020 01:51

Hey, @janton.

A lot of those homes would be cool to have (probably more expensive than they are cool, though), but that last oneβ€”I imagine the view is spectacular, but the idea of whatever is holding it to the rock click giving way (or the rock face itself), probably wouldn't let me sleep at night.

I guess I need to get out more or do more looking at homes because I never imagined it would be possible to build a house on the side of the cliff like that. On the top of the cliff, yes.

It seems like you'd have to build the supports to the cliff first, and then airlift in the rest. The way it's shaped from the side reminds me of a small handheld vacuum that you attach to the wall. Or a shoe. :)

06.01.2020 14:58

Oh it DOES look like a handheld vacuum! I think you're right about the construction, I think it's got sections built in a factory and then airlifted in and bolted on. I don't think I would ever be totally comfortable in something like that either. Guess I'm not adventurous enough!

07.01.2020 01:59

Love it -

06.01.2020 17:40

Thanks anneke! I can see one of these on one of your mountains or overlooking the ocean down there.

07.01.2020 02:12

That would be awesome

07.01.2020 18:18

Yeah as long as y'all don't have earthquakes down there!

08.01.2020 01:11

Nope not something that we get on a regular basis - we have had a few but it is just a light tremble and then that is very weird for us - I think the last big one was in 1969

08.01.2020 17:13

Well that's good to know, you guys have enough problems as it is! We don't even get light trembles in Texas. We get lots of tornadoes to make up for it though!

09.01.2020 01:55

We actually have the perfect country if you take politics and crime out of the equation - we have many biomes and areas and beautiful nature and wonderful weather and friendly people. Maybe a few drought or floodings and then it is big news

09.01.2020 17:58

Howdy tonight anneke! I agree. If you take people out of the equation that place is a paradise!

10.01.2020 01:07

Good luck getting insurance.

I'm thinking, 'good luck moving the piano in'.

That house with the hole in the floor! That's crazy! I wonder how baby-proof it is!

07.01.2020 01:56

Haha..I don't think rich people are concerned with such things like insurance or child-proofing! I'd love to know what that hole is for though.

07.01.2020 04:06

What a world we live in with money you can have anything built anywhere but no good for you sir janton you wouldn't be able to ride your cows around after been on the plonk 🀣 🀣

07.01.2020 08:47

lol..good point sir hangin, I'd have to build mine out in the country surrounded by pastures.

07.01.2020 16:53

It sounds like the go sir janton 🀣

09.01.2020 08:30

That sounds like a hermit to me sir hangin and I know a socialite like yourself would be bored stiff in the country, right? lol.

09.01.2020 21:29

Yep you are right about that i would get bored riding cows all day...lol πŸ˜€

10.01.2020 15:07

Riding cows? lol..it sure would be entertaining for your friends though!

10.01.2020 23:18

Not a bad idea i must introduce this sport in the villages...lol 🀣

11.01.2020 15:03

Well you probably don't need any more attention sir hangin but that would get you some!

11.01.2020 16:56

Got to change the scene some times πŸ˜€

12.01.2020 07:20

@denmarkguy might know of the dunes...?

07.01.2020 13:39

Beautiful! I want one too!

08.01.2020 02:29

Oh just think of the great places in Wyoming that one could put one of these with fantastic views! wow.

Hey what do you think of the crypto market this year? All I hear about is the Bitcoin halving and all cryptos rising because of that and all the big money starting to pour in. Do you think it will lift Steem also?

08.01.2020 17:12

I think it's going to be a good year for crypto! But I don't think it will be like 2017. I think maybe 2021 things will get outrageous again and maybe some of us that messed up in 2017 can have our chance at lambos! What do you think?

I really hope Steem rises, but Steem has some serious competition coming. Voice on EOS is making a lot of noise, but they haven't delivered anything yet that I'm aware of. Many people are turned off by Steemit because the whales have such disproportionate power here. I've heard of content creators rolling good for a time, and then they upset one whale and get a downvote that pretty much kills their reach.

You're really prolific on here. Are you reaching whale status?

08.01.2020 23:50

I agree that Steemit has some issues with bullying and the power of the whales. The downvoting system doesn't help any either. I just hope that investors we see enough of what they like in Steem but I'm not sure what their criteria is.

But yes, I think the bull market will really begin to ramp up this year and like you said, 2021 should be fantastic and hopefully steem will be pulled along with the big earners.

I refer to my little account as a micro account. I haven't even reached Dolphin status yet and I'm hoping the rise in prices will help me to justify my time here or I'm gonna have to seriously cut my time down.

09.01.2020 03:38

I love your posts! So I hope Steem tokens rise to keep you on here!

09.01.2020 03:48

Howdy again sir optout! Thanks so much for the kind words. We should know this year what it looks like for Steem, at least I hope!

09.01.2020 18:01

They may have great views, but they kind of stick out. I think I'd prefer one that blends in with the environment a bit more. The clif one sort of reminds me of the "casas colgantes" or clinging houses of Ronda and Cuenca, Spain.

08.01.2020 02:43

Do they have somthing similar in Spain, to that hanging cliff house? I don't know if I could totally relax in one.

08.01.2020 17:20

I have enough fear in my life already, i don't think I need to introduce a "my house could fall into the sea while i'm sleeping if there was an earthquake" scenario into it. lol

Crazy homes though, super cool.

09.01.2020 03:37

Howdy sir beelzebubba! I agree, these would take a special type of person to even be able to relax completely. I bet there's some wild houses on the coast of N. Carolina though.

09.01.2020 17:59

the coastal houses here tend to be kind of cookie cutter versions of one another built on stilts in preparation for the eventuality of the ocean destroying all of them once those property owners admit that they can't win the erosion battle.

10.01.2020 05:03

Ha! That sounds brilliant of those wealthy people living on the coast! They probably moved there from New York.

10.01.2020 19:54

The Outer Banks is a kind of scary place in hurricane season, this tiny plot of mostly sand with a sound on one side and the ocean on the other, it seems every couple years one of the bridges collapses and multiple houses do the same.... yet people continue to build out there.

I have to admit we do rent a house next to the dunes every couple of years and it is a lot of fun but when you look at this land-mass you can tell that if this area were to experience just a brief "hiccup" in popularity, the importing of soil to fight the erosion battle would stop and it would become like the New Jersey amusement park that is in the ocean now.

11.01.2020 03:14

Howdy today sir beelzebubba! Oh, I didn't know that NJ had a park that is now in the ocean! That sounds like an interesting post. lol.

11.01.2020 16:07

Love these designs @jantonπŸ₯°

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12.01.2020 08:51

Howdy clitadias! Thanks so much for stopping by and I agree, you have good taste in architecture!

12.01.2020 18:19

Haha, yes, someday soon, I will design my own home πŸ™

17.01.2020 05:41