Why I would make a good Steem Country Representative for Pakistan | by @janemorane


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Application for the position of Country Representative Pakistan from Peshawarnng>

 I am> I am writing to apply for the position of Country Representative of Pakistan. I believe my profile is a good match for this position, and would justify my candidacy based on the below potentials and competencies, that are prerequisithis job.

strong>My Stry

I have starteartee started my steemit journey back in 2018 , at that time steemit was a totally different world from now. Then I took a huge pause and stopped working on steemit due to my study and some other problems. I came back 5 months ago and started working again on steemit but this time I was back with so much confidence and enthusiasm.

trong>>Involvement in different ng>


At th/>At th2> At the beginning of my journey steemit-pak has supported me very much and give me guidance time to time whenever I needed and I am thankful to all the CRs of Pakistan for their help and guidance, now I am an active member and delegator in @steemit-pak and post there regularly and participate in aganized.

Thoug/h2> Though I  am currently working as moderator of steem challenge community and I am giving my best efforts  to bring more people to the community, am guiding new people towards the steemit platform and since I have joined the Community as moderator the community is growing rapidly with a high speed . In order  to increase the engagement of people in the community I have started a photography contest to increase the engagement among the people of the community and outside the community. I have kept the contest open for the entire steemit family so by this I am not limiting the contest only to one community but diffeest.

This p>
This .

This is the second contest that i have organized and i have got 27 entries in three days which is very amazing and I am glad to see entries of people from different ies.


Here s.

Here is the link to my Contest under the title  ''Random Beauty Photography'' .https://goldvoice.club/steem/@janemorane/r-n-m-khwbswrt-fw-w-raf-or-random--janemorane


I am an a/h2>
I am an a

I am an active member in steemwomen club community and I post there on regular basis and also organized a contest in steem women club, which was a 24 hours contest and still I got eight entries and it went amazing. It is always difficult to start something new  but still my contest went ost.


https post.


I am 1e11a6"/>

I am A5616"/>

I am also part of ladies greeter's team on discord and there we verify women for steem women club, till now I have been verifying women to lader more.



Beingemit CryptoAcademy

Being an active user on steemit I am also a part of steem crypto academy. Steemit crypto academy is the to community where you can learn more about steemit and related crypto blocchains. I review all the lectures of steemit crypto academy and try my best to do all the homeworks and if I am so busy to do all I alwa

I have a Delegations
I have a totag>f 1,505 SP have a total legated 900 Sp. I have delegated 750 Sp. I have delegated my 500 SP to steemwomen club to help th women. 250 Sp is nd help woto steemt-Pakistaelegated to steem-Pakistan for support and apart from delegating communities I have also delegated my 150 SP among two newcomers because they were new and lack resource credit, I helped them so they can make posts and continue their work. I have also power up many times with the purpose to grow my SP and help othjourney.

Hom my accjourney.


Here is the proof of my delegations.


The dong>Gt.

The drong>

The day i have joined steemit I have assist many new comers time to time to make quality posts and about how they can make good post according to the rules/strong>

Some of my C/strong>

I am also guiding new comers and Pakistani girls on discord. If someone Text me on discord Irdingly.

listen to theice

I have done mingly.


I have done m/strong>

I have done my diploma of dress making and designing and six months internship experience with government college of Peshawar. I have been a teacher for six months and I have been teaching young girls and women to develop their skills such as, stitching, knitting, tie and dye and embroidery. Through these skills we also motivate women of backward areas to work from home and we will help them to sell their harnings.

ll be easy anstrong>

I have wo and earnings.strong>

I have woorker

I have worked as a social activist with the Society for the Protection of Human Rights (SPHR) and this is indeed a great experience because I love to help people and protect human rights. I have also worked as a focal person with ''Khwendo kor National NGO'' which is a pashto word meaning 'Sister's home' .This forum was set up to respond to women issues from rural areas. This has now developed into a sisterhood. Guiding women to take practical steps for the betterment of their families

Langusisted many women trng>





English is an international language and  by understanding this link I can help all the users from all around the world and most of the people can understand English so I can guide them well and solve their problems easily. Urdu is a widely spoken and national  language of Pakistan. In Pakistan 80% of the people  understand Urdu and they speak Urdu and almost 40% of the Indians can understand and speak Urdu language as well so all the users from Pakistan India Sri Lanka Bangladesh can understand Urdu which is a really beneficial for the promotion of Steemit and I can solve  problems of steemit network  easily in their own language. Pashto is my native language and the main language of my province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). KP is the most potential and number third biggest province (state) of Pakistan with a population of more than 35.3 milworld. 

I can>

people in the world. 

I canhnical abilities

I can operate different photo editing software Such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Light room. I can access these two software and operate completely for the creation of new mock ups. I can access and operate software and online websites for online meetings such aons.

Due tpplications.

Why would I bng>

Due ttative of Pakistan?

Due to my work in different parts of the country I have a strong understanding of Pakistan context, am well-versed in leadership styles and the political structure, I have good public relations experience through my work with different national and international Organizations of KP.
Due to our culture constraints  women can not go out to gatherings.  I can overcome this problem by inviting them to my house or I can even go to their houses for further guidance. I can organize seminars specifically for women through online meetings (Telegram, Zoom app) from different parts of Pakistan. I can help all the Muslim women in the verification for steemit because most of the the women in Pakistan don't want to show their face because of our culture. I can verify them easily through discord or Telegram privately. I can understand this problem better because in the start I had to face the same challenge because I was from Pakistan and my culture don't allow me to show my face so my verification was very hard and a challenge for me because all the country representative from Pakistan are male I was not feeling comfortable to share my picture with them and at ldiscord. I want to promote steemit in KP and I am presenting myself to be the first CR from District KP, Our alrn verified me privately on discord. Our already exsisting CR's from pakistan @rashid001 , @haidermehdi and @hassanabid are doing a great job in helping and prmember.

Furtheople to steemit and it would be my hono member.

Furthk with them as a team member. 

Furthermore, I have excellent analytical and writing skills which I have gained through my wts. 

I am eagong>




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Let us serve the steem platform with enormous effort

21.04.2021 20:10

Thanks for your kind words!

22.04.2021 19:21

My 100% support for you on becoming Country Representative of Pakistan.

For us you have been a great members who always participated in community actively.

I have seen you also working with dedication over different communities which made me support you..

Yours County Representative of Pakistan

21.04.2021 20:24

Thank you so much, steemit means to engage with people from different places and I think involvement in different communities keep you engage with different people.
Thank you so much for the support!

22.04.2021 17:26

We are aware of your support for the steem Women club community. and you can do good work as your representative for your country. I have no doubt about it, it deserves representation of determination and success congratulations

21.04.2021 20:43

Thank you so much I know you have eye on each and every member of the community. You have always been my role model and your support means a lot to me..

22.04.2021 17:27

MashaAllah you deserve this :) your efforts against the Pakistan community and your kindness to the newcomers who join recently steemit will always support you
Keep progressing

21.04.2021 20:46

Thank you so much for your appreciation and great support dear!

22.04.2021 19:17

i have learn so many things from you you have helped me many times in may things

i still remember when i first join i had no idea how to take part in contest and you helped me in that

i think you will be great CR more power to you hope you get the role

be happy stay blessed

21.04.2021 23:48

From the day I have started steemit I am serving steemit platform and I will continue doing it in the future and will promote steemit to the world!
Thanks a lot.

22.04.2021 19:21

My Full support is with You

As many women from Pakistan are now joining steemit and you are an active member , it would be great if You join Us as a Country Representative to guide Pakistani women and to Promote steem among other women in Pakistan.

Country Representative

22.04.2021 00:29

I will try my best to fulfill my duties if I had some and I am still trying to promote steemit within my social circle..
Thank you so much for the support sir!

22.04.2021 17:29

It is good news that you applied for Cr and i feel we need your as Cr pakistan in these area. You have good communication and education experience. Best of luck. And hope you will be selected inshahAllah.

We need one female CR ..you are one of the best.

My 100% support for you on becoming Country Representative of Pakistan.

22.04.2021 02:19

Thank you so much for support and appreciating my work, this really means a lot to me sir..
Thanks a lot!

22.04.2021 17:31

Good to see that you are applying for CR. i am new user on steemit. I saw how much you are supporting new comers and me too
I wish you all the best.
thanks for that
many regard

22.04.2021 03:07

This is mu duty being a old member to guide new comers because our goal is to promote steemit to the world.
Thanks for the support!

22.04.2021 17:33

U are the best supporter on steemit platform. I wish you become the country representor soon... wish you all the best......

22.04.2021 03:12

Thanks dear!

22.04.2021 19:22

You r welcome

23.04.2021 06:06

wish you all the best maam.......you have a very impressive personality.......may you become the CR soon.....best wishes

22.04.2021 03:15


22.04.2021 19:17

God bless you dear......😊🥰

23.04.2021 23:05

you totally deserve this position.
you helped me with steem power delegation that i needed to make enough posts and comments.
it's evident by your activities in different communities, that you have leadership abilities

My 100% support for you on becoming Country Representative of Pakistan.

22.04.2021 08:40

Thanks a lot dear , I hope you will use the delegation in creating useful content on this platform.
Thank you!

22.04.2021 19:17

You deserve this totally.

22.04.2021 11:07

Thanks alot!

22.04.2021 19:23

You will be the great CR cause the way you guide us , you do it like a mentor

22.04.2021 11:07

Thank you so much!

22.04.2021 19:12

Hey janemorane, waiting to welcome you to the CR Club!
So happy to see your application post.
I am sure you will do a great job as the First Female CR of Pakistan.

Best of Luck to you.
Yours, haidermehdi.
Country Representative Pakistan.

22.04.2021 11:10

Thank you so much for your warm welcome, you have supported me from the day I have started steemit and it is pleasure having your support all the time.
Thanks for your support always!!

22.04.2021 17:38


I'm very happy to see your replication because you have been a great support for me and for many members from Pakistan and from other countries as well

specially you have guided many women and I can see your comments on many new users post so I think you you have great leadership qualities and you deserve this role

best of luck for the CR

I support you 100%

22.04.2021 11:26

Thank you so much for appreciation and support!

22.04.2021 19:12

Good to see that you applied for this position as a country representative of Pakistan. You totally deserve it!

Other than all your abilities and capabilities, the one thing which I should mention here is that you helped me by delegating 100 SP at that time when I was unable to post or comment. Wishing you the best of luck!

You have my 100% support to become Country Representative of Pakistan.

22.04.2021 11:28

Thank you so much, we can only grow the communities by helping and supporting each other's work.

22.04.2021 19:11

Happy steeming!

23.04.2021 06:22

You deserve this Best Of luck...

22.04.2021 13:27

Thanks dear

22.04.2021 17:46

best of luck to you...
May You Succeed

22.04.2021 13:29

Thanks for the support!

22.04.2021 17:49

Best of luck sister, I am also thinking there should one Female Representative for creating balance and ensuring the female empowering.

22.04.2021 14:04

Thank you so much dear friend!

22.04.2021 17:47

You are really doing great , and as you are senior than me I have learnt many things from you. I wish you for becoming a country representative .

22.04.2021 15:01

Thanks alot dear

22.04.2021 17:48

you doing great for the community hope you win

22.04.2021 16:18

Thank you!

22.04.2021 17:48

You are making a nice effort to develop communities and as a whole this platform.
I wish you best of luck :)

22.04.2021 19:51

Thank you so much dear your words are so important to me.,
Thanks for the support ♥️

22.04.2021 19:54

My first and last love is


I love every one who love


I recpact everyone who recpact


Steemit is very best platform for everyone who post really and clean working not any copy past or other

Chak my all posting dear sister I hope I can best work on steemit

23.04.2021 07:30

Hi @janemorane I think you will do a great job if you get chosen for this position. Good luck!

23.04.2021 14:15

Thank you so much mam, I have learned a lot from you the day I have started steemit..
Thank you so much for your kind response <3

23.04.2021 19:09

A great application with proper details and proper explanation...it would be better for our community to welcome you as fourth CR of our country because you have worked with national and international organization and you know how to deal with different kind of people and you can speak 4 languages as well.
I think one person should get one role in community and you don't have any role in our community so if you become CR the work b/w the whole management will remain ballanced no one will be over burdened
Best of luck for your application dear @janemorane

24.04.2021 00:57

Thank you so much,I am glad you have read all the details in my application carefully and have observed my work for the community.
Thank you so much for your support ♥️

24.04.2021 09:13