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Verification through Introduction

Hello Steemians, good day to you all, hope you all are doing well. I appreciate you for giving my the opportunity to introduce myself, thus completing my achievement 1 , you all are amazing. I am excited to be part of this incredible platform and i hope to enjoy my stay here . My name is Achu Jane- Mary and my name on steemit is @jane-mary . I am 24 years of age . I was raised in Bamenda, a town in Cameroon where i have been living with my mum and kid sister. I have four other siblings who are all married with two living in different parts of Cameroon and two residing out of the country. I love and cherish my family so much especially my mum who is all i have now since the death of my dad.

I am a PhD research student in law at the University of Bamenda, the same institution where i recently graduated from with a Masters Degree in Private Law. I work as a Rights Officer for the Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA), wherein i coordinate affairs related to the monitoring, evaluation and reporting of human rights voilations that occur on daily basis. I have a small pastry business that i run also . In addition to all that , i am good at makeup, i offer my services to clients as a makeup artist when i am not so busy with work
2020 December Graduation

On Duty
Sample of my pastries (



On Duty as a Makeup Artist 458D809C-476E-4E6C-BE20-D5D81A949A32.jpeg


My area of interest is largely in human rights especially the rights of women and girls who are vulnerable. I advocate for equality of all women and girls. Most people do not still believe that women’s right ought to be guaranteed at every level , my wish is to be able to engage more stakeholders through this platform to be active in the fight for the rights of women.
Educating women on theirir role in decisi making

Far from all that, i am also very passionate about some things i find quite fascinating such as baking which is an area i developed interest in right from my primary school days at Educare Billingual Nursery and primary school, the teacher who drilled us in baking back then was always very explicit such that i developed great interest in baking thanks to her and my elder sister who is a great baker as well. I also love reading political books like The End of History by Francis Fukuyama , The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli. I am very much interested in physical workouts as well, I try to work out atleast oncece daily.

My Workout Session

To be honest i don’t know much about cryptocurrency but I am always open and ready to learn and i believe i will be able to d do that.
will rever remain thankful to @chant and @fombae for encouraging and introducing me to this amazing platform where i will be able to share my interests with u all including my activities through the dairy game sessions . My emence gratitude also goes to @steemitcurator1 and @steemitcurator2 for all the efforts they put in ensuring we are up to o date.
Cc: @steemitcurator1Cc: @steemitcurator2Cc: @steemitblog
Thank yoall for the patience you put in in to read thr my intrintroduction.Kind Regards !

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Welcome to Steemit @jane-mary

19.04.2021 21:53

Thanks mom

22.04.2021 04:32

Hi, @jane-mary.

Welcome to the steem blockchain.
You can follow the #betterlife #thediarygame project
Follow @steemitblog for updates on steemit for upcoming contests and challenges

Please also check out Newcomers Achievement Program by @cryptokannon (English version).
You are welcome to post any content in Steemit Nursery.

Your can join us Steem Cameroon Community and take part in the ongoing contests.

Once more you are welcome to the home of fun. @fombae



20.04.2021 05:03

You are very much welcome my dear. Indeed you are blessed with multiple talents. Use them for Gods glory and u will see yourself moving high and higher . The sky cannot limit you ,it can only spring you to another place higher than it.


20.04.2021 05:12

Hi Jane-Mary welcome to steemit looking forward to reading more interesting contents as this. Enjoy 😊 your stay here and do feel much welcome

20.04.2021 05:18

Wow @Jane-mary welcome to this beautiful platform , you are just the complete package. A career woman, an entrepreneur and a gym girl all in one how do you do it. I will love and look forward to see your growth on this platform. P.s your smile in infectious so cute 😊 ✌️

twopercent #cameroon

20.04.2021 05:37

Thanks a lot

22.04.2021 04:35

Practice what you preach they say, and I see all that in one person from advocating for women empowerment and showing them what to do. As young as you are passionate of education, pastry, sports and family💪🏾. Your intro post is just so amazing by that, I'm sure you'd be pulling up some interesting posts here. You're welcome on steemit @jane-mary feel free feel at home and #steemon



20.04.2021 06:43

Thanks a lot for the warm reception

22.04.2021 04:32

Jane-Mary I taught as much that you will be the one. Welcome to Steemit. You post is amazing though #steemon #twopercent #cameroon

20.04.2021 07:05

Next time do invite me for sports oh may be i will get to start liking it. And ones again well come to steemit

21.04.2021 05:13

Ok i will, sports is good and I trust you would love it eventually

22.04.2021 04:34

You are welcome my Dr I hope you have started enjoying the steemit platform

22.04.2021 23:10

You have been upvoted by @saxopedia and I’m voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator03 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

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26.04.2021 09:25