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The Dairy Game: 30:05:2021: Feast of Saint Bede’s


Greetings dear Steemians and happy mother’s day to all the sweet mothers in the house, its Holy Trinity Sunday too for those of us who are Catholics . This particular Sunday is a blessed one as all Saint Bede’s students in Cameroon celebrated the feast of St. Bede’s the Venerable today who is our patron saint.
I woke up as early as 3:am because i had to prepare meat pie before mass, as i woke up, i went into the bath room and had my hands cleaned, then i proceeded into the kitchen to begin preparing the pies, by 7:am, i was done baking and the first client had come to collect just as i was packaging hers. She was enjoying the way i was packing the pies, she kept hyping and taking videos and pictures of the process


When i was done, i went to Bayelle church for the feast day mass, all Sabesans were seated together in the middle of the church, dressed beautifully in their national uniform as seen above. The priest who celebrated mass was an ex Saint Bede’s Student as well; Rev. Father Bertrand. He was in St Bede’s for 7 years and he is one of the dedicated members of the association. His homily which was focused on the holy Trinity was wonderful as he explained that there are three persons in one God; God the Father, the son and God the Holy Ghost all carrying out different functions. God the fathers function is to create us, the son’s function is to save us meanwhile God the Holy Ghost’s function is to sanctify us and he emphasized that as Catholics we should always be proud of the sign of the cross which signifies the three persons in one God. The ex students had a special offertory procession to support the building of the new fathers house in Bayelle when it was time for offering.

Arranging our lines behind for Special Offertory

At the end of mass, one of the members appreciated the entire church community for joining us to celebrate our feast day, she spoke about the life of our patron saint;Saint Bede’s the Venerable who was someone who loved education and hardwork so much, when she finished we all stood up and sang our school anthem titled “SABECO SABECO”
When mass was over, we had quit a good number of pictures outside, unfortunately for me , I didn’t appear on the general picture as i was busy following some customers to give their meat pies after mass so on coming back they had already taken group pictures but i snapped with others like the priest

Father Bertrand

Later on at about 1pm, we went for reception at blue pearl plaza which was decorated blue and white, representing our SABECO school colours


My Arrival at Blue Pearl


The reception started with a welcome speech by the president followed by a word of prayer from father Bertrand , all the batches that were present gave a brief presentation of their activities and the current challenges faced by them , when this session was over, we had lunch and ofcourse cornchaff couldn’t be absent as it remains and idle memory in every ex student of St Bede’s mind because we ate this food almost four times in a week back in school and it was always well prepared


When we were done eating, the floor was open and everyone started dancing until about 6:30pm, I left from there at about 7pm to the house. That is how my day was spent. Thanks a lot
Kind Regards

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Waow ,nice write up ,chia only enjoyment ,abeg next time when there's a feast like this no forget for invite me 😁😁😁

31.05.2021 07:54

Wahhhh... Mary Jane,
You look good in your dress ohh, or better still, your dress looks good on you.

In summary, ya beautiful..

31.05.2021 08:02

Thanks a lot dr

31.05.2021 13:10

Wow wish I was with you the whole of that day only enjoyment. Would have eaten enough. And that dress of urs who’s the designer? Looks good on you.

31.05.2021 08:52

Thanks dr, Quins fashion did the dress

31.05.2021 13:10