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The Dairy Game: 28/04/2021: Quest for an end to GBV

Greetings everyone and welcome to another edition of my dairy, I am delighted to have you here and i trust you all are doing well.
So today, i woke up as early as 2:am, in order to complete my school assignment which ended up taking about two hours, i submitted it online when i was done and went back to sleep again for an hour.


By 5:am, i was up again and the first thing i did was to listen to morning meditation from Rev. Father Blessed, when i was done, i proceeded with morning workout for about 30minutes and by 6:am i switched to my morning chores and later on had my bath. By 7:30am, i was dressed and set for a workshop on Violence Against Women and Girls organized by the Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa in partnership with UN Trust Fund involving 25 focal points from five communities within the North West Region of Cameroon namely; Bafut, Bali, Bambili, Akum and Santa.
I got there at at 8:am and the seminar began by 9:am with an opening statement from the regional coordinator who welcomed participants for the seminar. After his introductory statement, i preceded with facilitation of the workshop together with @chant who happens to be my colleague and friend.
The methodology we adopted for this training is the Sasa methodology. Sasa means action now . You may be wondering, action as to what. It actually means taking up actions to end violence against women and girls in our communities.
I explained what violence against a girl child was all about giving the various types such as physical, emotional and economic voilence, furthermore, we looked at the reasons for the persistence of violence against women and girls in the society bringing out reasons like power imbalance, poverty, alcohol, cultural norms and drug addiction. Thereafter, we analyzed some of the consequences of Voilence Against a Girl Child and i had brilliant answers from participants such as murder, psychological torture, suicidal behavior, unsafe abortions, e.t.c. We further looked at the way forward and the support available for victims of voilence and i made them understand that they were all advocates hence forth and should endeavor to implement and put into effective practice all what has been taught in their respective communities . They actively participated by asking questions pertaining to the discussions raised and some went ahead to share some striking experiences they had encountered relating to GBV. By midday the workshop ended with closing remarks and a word of prayer from the coordinator, we took some few photos and had lunch after that .From there, I made a brief stop at my colleague’s place, @chat since she stays just opposite the event venue.
Group Task



@chant, my colleague

Group Picture


By 3pm, I was home already, i had a change of cloths and had my siesta for about an hour only to be woken up arround 4pm by my neighbor who came knocking to inform me she had downloaded the famous fisherman’s diary i had been pressuring her about and so she invited me to watch at her place next door, i went there and watched the movie accompanied by a bowl of popcorn prepared by her mother .
I returned home by 7pm and had my bath, ate and assembled my family for evening devotion, when we were through, i returned to bed.
Thanks for reading through
Remain Blessed!

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I'm loving what you doing, right from your meditations to your workout, the workshop you attended. We hope for a better future for our women and girls💪

28.04.2021 13:05

Thanks dr

28.04.2021 15:29

Woaw,more strength and courage for the work.

28.04.2021 13:26

Thanks dr

28.04.2021 15:29