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The Dairy Game:25/05:2021:It’s Tuesday


Steem greetings to you all and it’s nice having you here again on another episode of my dairy session.
It’s a pleasant Tuesday with so many activities planned since the week begins today for those of us in Bamenda.
I woke up today at 5:pm and immediately downloaded some notes online sent by our lecturer on the Uba Student Learning Platform, I read the notes for about an hour, it’s was on Human Rights law which is one of my best course and what i was reading focused on the rights of vulnerable people which happens to be an area I defended my masters degree thesis in, so it always remains a very interesting part for me. At 6am, I joined my sister to finish covering up a cake we had baked for a little girl at night . This process took about an hour.



I later on had my bath, dressed up and had a slice of banana cake to feel my stomach with and I left the house at about 7:30am for bank Atlantic at commercial avenue to adjust a few things, i got there by 8am when the door was still locked although they were inside, the security gave us seats outside requesting we wait for sometime first, we waited for about 30 minutes and went in when they opened the door. Thank God i succeeded in doing what took me there although it took a longer time

Waiting outside

I left the place at about 10:am and met a classmate of mine at Ghana street who had an online marketing business to discuss with me, she had already done my presentation so today she wanted to introduce the products to me. She explained the functions of the various products and their prices using a manual as you will see below

We finished at at about 12:30pm so i decided to check up on a friend who is a medical doctor at Baptist Annex Hospital at finance since it wasn’t far from there, when i got there we discussed briefly as he still had lots of patients waiting for him outside


At this time, it was already 1pm and i had planned to meet up with @chant at 1pm meanwhile i was yet to go to the market so i hurriedly stopped at Nkwen market and got things for eru then I left for mile 3 to meet her, when i got there, she was arranging some things she had just bought and she was being assisted by @saxopedia, i greeted them and took the bby from @chant and had a great time with him. When they were done, she entertained me with peanuts she had prepared as we discussed.



By 3:pm we were done discussing so i went home to cook, my girls at home assisted with the slicing and washing of the water leaf and eru which facilitated the entire work and by 5 we were done


At about 6:pm, I pleaded with the girls to help me undo my rasta which we did for close to 3hours because gun shots kept interrupting us. The last one was so heavy that everyone ran into their rooms including me, abandoning my hair to continue the next day
That is how my day was spent
Thanks for reading
Kind Regards

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Wow. You sure had a great day. Can't wait for your next post

26.05.2021 05:38

Wow firstly I love the way you present ur diary dr. You had a busy and nice day. And i u also seem to be a hardworking woman from the number of activities you carry out a day. I like that cake looks

26.05.2021 06:07

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01.06.2021 00:48