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The Dairy Game 19/05/2021: Launching of Beauty Salon Preparations


Kindly receive warm greetings my fellow Steemians and welcome to another session of my dairy.
I woke up on this day at 5am, i meditated on Rev. Father Blessed’s Daily Devotion, when i was done, i took my phone and downloaded some notes our Lecturer had uploaded on the Uba Online Learning plateform. After downloading them, i tried going through them to get myself familiar with it before our next class. This took me about an hour . When i finished, i went into the kids room to wake my niece up and get her ready for school , her care taker had already made breakfast so i simply bath and dressed her and they left for school.
Later on at about 9am, i prepared myself to meet up with my big (as we called them in secondary school), who just opened a new beauty saloon and spa at up station. She had pleaded that i assist her with finishing touches regarding the arrangements at the salon which will be launched this Saturday as from 1:pm. Thus, my entire day had to be devoted to this.
By 10:am, i was at her spa which is the most beautiful beauty parlor i have ever seen in Bamenda and as usual the first thing i did was to take pictures round the salon at different locations.



Later on, as we were discussing further on how saturday will look like, a woman who sells fried chicken passed by the shop, we bought some and entertained ourselves with that was accompanied by Gino we bought from a neighboring shop .


At about 3pm, we left the spa to city chemist to buy a chair for the reception since it didn’t have one, after much debates as to the price, we finally settled on a considerate amount, we collected the receipt after parking it up and left


From there, we collected some of the workers uniforms from a tailor at the main market who had been given the command to sew them. The tailor had not completed by the time we got there so we had to wait for about 30minutes for her to finish sewing them and give us since the uniforms have to be used by them on Saturday during the launching. You all are invited for the program on Saturday. The Beauty Salon is located just beside Chantal Biya’s Foundation at up station and the name of it is Charifa Republic Beauty Salon and Spa.


At about 5pm, we closed for the day and passed through Nkwen market since we both wanted to buy food items to be used the following day . After buying what we needed, we separated to our various homes.
I got home at about 6:pm, my workout partner had already been waiting for me at our veranda since she had earlier sent me a text on WhatsApp reminding me to be home early. I went into my room to change to my workout atire but then my mum came in and pleaded we seal some things she had bought for my elder sister in the UK together so i went to the parlor to assist her while we watched tv.
At arround 9:pm, we prayed as a family and everyone went to bed
Thanks for reading
Kind Regards

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Sounds like a great day @jane-mary
I know Charifa and I'm looking forward to the launch of her place this Saturday... 👏👏👏

21.05.2021 09:55

That’s good to know you are very much welcome

22.05.2021 00:08

It was a busy day indeed.i like the aspect of you assisting persons who need your help.that saloon can expensive oh😅

21.05.2021 11:43

Hahahahaha no it’s moderate

22.05.2021 00:09

Good business initiative you have there. More grease to ur elbow

21.05.2021 12:00

Wow bb your felt amazing am sure🙌🙌

22.05.2021 16:34