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The Dairy Game 04/6/2021 : In the Kitchen with Mum

Hello steem community, i hope we are ok and we are all in good shape, i wish to share my dairy game of Friday 4th .
Dear dairy, i was woken up on this day at about 4:am by my mum, i had slept late the previous night so i was still feeling really tired when she woke me up, i tried resisting but mum immediately removed my blanket and i ended up getting up from bed and went into the bath room to get my mouth cleaned, after that i joined her in the kitchen and we washed and selected koki beans until about 6:am that i left to grind it. When i came back, mum had already put the pot on the fire in the fire side kitchen outside, i then put the koki beans into a mortar and stirred continuously as she removed it in bits and tied in leaves after adding red oil and cocoa leaves



Koki Beans

When the koki was still on the fire cooking, i went inro the house with my sister and prepared meat pie for a client who had ordered for it together with cakes and chin chin that we had fried already the previous day and by 11am we were done


In the afternoon, i had to go to school and attend a class i had at 12pm, I had my bath and got to school by 12:20 that was late because the class started at exactly 12 and lasted for about two hours and by 2pm i left Bambili for the house

I got home feeling abit tired so i slept for about two hours and later on went to church for choir practice, on getting there no one was present in church yet so i stayed outside waiting for the other members while browsing through the internet.



At about 5:30pm, more choristers started coming and we had the practice that was coordinated by one of our music directors. When practice was over i went back home. That is how my friday went down
Thanks for reading
Kind regards

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