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Greetings dear Steemians and welcome to my best day of the week contest. I think everyday is a special day and it is an additional blessing in ones life which we have to appreciate and be thankful for. But when we talk of a best day, in my opinion i feel like it is a day which had certain good factors that made it peculiar, unique and it also had stricking events and moments which will forever be remembered. In this regard my #best day of last week was the 13th of May 2021 which doubled as feast of Ascension and of Ramadan

My Best Day Events


Three main things made this day a pleasant and memorable one for me, thus crowning it my best day, firstly, i received news about a friends wedding, secondly, i tuitored someone to make pastries for the first time in my life and thirdly i had enough rest.
I woke up on this day at 6:45am, and went into the bath room to brush up my teeth. When i was done, i made breakfast for my little babies in the house and as they were eating, i went into my room to remind my student who had paid to learn how to make pastries that she had to be in the house at exactly 7:am for us to begin with the pastry classes . I later on left my room to prepare the table outside so that when she reaches we can begin, as i was arranging the table, i received good news through a phone call from my childhood friend about her upcoming civil wedding in Doula on Saturday the 22nd of May. This single news got me jumping up and down at the veranda and even attracted neighbors who joined me in celebrating the good news which kept me joyful all through the day because it is not everyday we get to receive news of our friends getting married especially now that we live in a society wherein relationships are not very easy to keep as before as result of the rise in dishonesty and unfaithfulness.
The second reason that labeled 13/05/2021 as my best day of the week was teaching my student, She started her lessons by writing down all the ingredients she would need for both meat pie and fish pie as i instructed. I told her to feel at home and stop me when she doesn’t understand anything. When she was done writing, we arranged the ingredients and went into the kitchen to do the meat pie and fish pie fillings, while we were in the kitchen, i noticed she was still abit tensed so i reminded her of the need to be relaxed, we took more than the usual time in making both fillings because i wanted her to properly understand. When we were done we went back outside to make the dough, i handed her the bowl to do everything so that she can easily copy the techniques while i simply give instructions and correct when she’s not doing it properly.


i was amazed at how she got most of the tricks so fast and the more i appreciated her, i could see her being more comfortable and taking videos of the work she was doing and taking down all the steps in her notebook on the left side of the table .
My Student Mixing the Dough


This further gave me confidence and made me feel even more happy that she was feeling at home. I am sure if she had to write about her best day of the week, this day would definitely be it and this will eventually come to reality because we discussed about steem as we worked. When we were done, i demonstrated how to on and off the oven and further explained the importance of constantly checking pies in oven. When we finished we removed the pies and she was amazed at great work she had done, i gave her all the pies to take home and share with her neighbors so that they can place their orders after having a taste of it .
Sample of the Result

As we were cleaning our surface my neighbor sent fufu corn and khati khati for me knowing it’s my favorite food, i shared it with my student who also ate a good quantity which means she was obviously drained from all the work.
My Favorite Meal

Later on at about 3:pm, my sister was invited out by one of her friends who is a Muslim so she asked that i joined her, with all the tiredness i couldn’t , all i wanted to do was to have a nap and go for my choir practice later on, she pleaded but i stood my grounds. I slept for about 2hours, something which is impossible on any other regular day due to my busy schedule , i really enjoyed the fact that i had enough rest which is important and also vital for my health thus making this day special and credited as my best day of the week. Later on, i went to church, to my greatest dismay, i was only one on the premise and i wondered if it was actually Thursday, when i tried calling the other members, it appeared they were all in different places enjoying the feast so i went back home and had a good story time with the kids who kept me laughing out all through, when it was 8: pm, we prayed and everyone retired to bed


  • Received News about my Friend’s Wedding
    -I felt so excited as it was actually my first time teaching another how to make pies since i learnt
    -Felt a deep inner joy and satisfaction seeing my student happy to have learnt something that will sustain and give her a source of income all throughout her life
  • I felt proud of myself too because it indicated the progress i was able to make in this regard
  • I ate my favorite meal on that day, fufu corn and khati khati
    -I had enough rest which is unusual on other days wherein i am always busy from morning till evening .
    Thanks for reading #my best day of the week contest .
    Kind Regards!

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