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CREATIVE WRITING CONTEST Volume 4: Generosity: 5:06:2021

Greetings dear Steemians, i am glad to begin my month with this contest on genorosity brought to us by @thegreens .
Generosity is a virtue in itself, it is an act of expressing love and kindness especially through giving out something to someone or serving your community positively.
Over the years, i have carried out several acts of generosity towards others and i have been a product of generosity as well especially from family and friends. Today, i will be talking about a generous gesture i did that left prints in my heart. This was during my visit to Luc Menora rehab Association in December 2020. It was end of year and i had a lot of things to be grateful to God for, then i asked myself, “what can i really do to show my appreciation to God for seeing me this far throughout the year 2020”, especially as we all know how hectic last year was, the covid issues coupled with numerous accidents here and there, but there i was, receiving countless blessings from God. One morning, i told myself that the best way to appreciate God would be through giving back to my community (pay it forward), and so I discussed it with few of my friends i knew would support the idea and luckily enough one of them had seen pictures of a certain rehap center where the children are really suffering so she immediately proposed we go there with items to support the children there. We contributed and bought quite a good number of things such as rice, savon, salt, tissue, groundnut oil, biscuits at the main market and hired a car that took us there

Some of the children are handicapped for instance , the girl on the picture above is 16 years old but ever since she was born, she has been like that always having an opened mouth.

The guy seated next to her in the picture above is 45 years old but he looks like a child of 15years.
Although most of them have disabilities, they still try as much to do something industrious with their hands, some are specialized in marking the popular north west traditional outfit that we all know, while others make bags, chains as well as slippers


Most of the children have been displaced as a result of the ongoing Anglophone crisis, their coordinator explained that most times they pick up some of the kids along the mamfe road who have been abandoned (sometimes unintentional) by their parents in the course of running from their villages. Our visit was able to put smiles on their faces , they were reassured once more that others actually have them at heart as we created time for them during the pick of a festive period as such, we could see the joy on their faces as can be seen on the picture below when when they were singing and clapping hands in order to welcome us and show their appreciation.

Their Contact Details

I still have alot of projects geared towards generosity aiming for greater happiness especially towards the vulnerable people in our society and I hope to achieve this project before the end of the year. This project is particularly for female prisoners at the Bamenda Central Prison, I defended my masters thesis last year and my topic was on female prisoners and i took the Bamenda Central Prison as my Case Study, so during this period, i visited the female inmates at the prison regularly so I understood the challenges young female inmates face there especially those who are menstruating, most of them lack adequate pads to use when they are bleeding and so i wanted to provide atleast one hundred reusable pads for them,i visited them after my defense with some pads for girls but then i realized that they use and dispose these pads and after a month, the pads gets finished and they get back to the very position that they were in before. With these reusable pads, they will be able to wash and dry and reuse again when next they see their period so it will really solve the problem.

I am hoping to achieve this by using some money from my business and i will also be needing support from my family and friends who might be of help to see e that this project is realized. Thks for reading

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Generosity indeed is a virtue , keep up the good works bro

07.06.2021 05:46

Ira really a beautiful thing. For the measure you give you shall receive. It makes just no sense if you have so much and someone is in need and you cant help.

God will bless you for me

Baba01 i hope you are seeing

07.06.2021 06:03

I have noticed you hav always been this creative, especially in writing creative contents. I look forward to see more of the projects geared toward generosity.

07.06.2021 06:05

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10.06.2021 11:35