2013: Traveller memories III: Brasília - Capital of Brazil 2

Greetings dear travelers,

In the last post about my tour of the largest country in South America, I only told them about the arrival and the escape to the surroundings of the hotel located in the southern part of the city, it corresponds to the geographical west, I stumbled upon the immense tower of TV and the national stadium of Brasilia.

Interestingly, most important cities in the world have obelisks, in the first instance, I did not observe this type of structure in Brasilia, unless I associated it with the TV tower itself that I told you about in the previous publication. Although to be honest, this is more similar to the Eiffel tower in Paris.

When reviewing my photographs of that trip I found that Brasilia does indeed also have an obelisk. It is located in front of the acoustic shell of the headquarters of the Brazilian army.

At this stage of the tour, I wanted to use for the first time a digital SLR camera that I bought in São Paulo for my daughter, she has a fondness for photography.

Military Obelisk of Brasilia

Brazil's political power center

Model of the three powers complex

The main purpose of the tour in which I participated was to learn first hand about the political system of Brazil, in this sense, the visit to the architectural complex designed by Oscar Niemeyer was on the agenda. The square of the three powers was an obligatory destination.

White buildings stand out for the symmetry of their sober geometric shapes, modern and functional. The entire complex is connected by wide tunnels, the powers of the states have their own spaces but at the same time linked. These reasons make them the subject of many photographs. Brasília was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Side view of the square of the three powers

In this scenario I could not use the Nikon D3100 camera, it would be the first time using an SLR camera, the night before, I had read the manual on it. I had no knowledge about photographic art, I remember that my wife was my first instructor about it, she told me: Your photos are out of frame. For example, the photos of people, I had cut them, or the feet or a part of the head, were very poor photos, really horrible. Anyway, I had to continue using my cell phone to photograph that place.

Right view of the administrative buildings of the ministries

In the interim of the visit to the square of the three powers, I prepared myself carefully to make the best possible photographs. With the view to the south of the city I photographed both planes of the administrative buildings of the different public ministries.

Left view of the administrative buildings of the ministries

Inside the Senate chamber, which was empty at the time, I photographed the presidium of it. Very unique scenario when compared to its similar classics from other countries.

View of the presidium of the upper chamber of the Senate legislative branch

The living room for both chambers

The living room for both chambers: high of the senate and low of deputy was wide and minimalist, where a peculiar wall of blue and white mosaics that flanked a row of different plants of the Amazon region illuminated with natural light stands out.

View of the wall in the parliament's living room where you can see a sample of Amazonian plant diversity 

When we retired from the premises, I was surprised by the sound of the drums on the ramp of the palace of the executive branch, visually dressed soldiers marched synchronously to the changing of the guard.

The photograph shows the changing of the guard in the executive palace of the federal government of Brazil

Close up: The changing of the guard in the executive palace of the federal government of Brazil

I hope you liked this perspective on this city, which has been the only city built in the twentieth century and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We have explored together places of tourist interest, which covers sports and architecture.

In the next Post, I will tell you about my brief experience in the cultural field of Brasilia, where I did can use the reflex camera. A wonder for an inexperienced like me. I think that my phone at that time was taking excellent photos, I greatly regretted the theft of my phone upon returning to my country. Fortunately, I have a habit of backing up my data, so I have can share it with you today.

See you soon.


Camera/Smartphone: HTC One S

Category: Cityscape - Modern urbanism

Location / Date: Brasília - Brazil / May 25, 2013

Setting: Automatic

Edition: No (Only the shot of the living room for both chambers and the shot of the close up about the changing of the guard)

Photographer: @janaveda

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